Return to Thornewood but this time will lots of water for Maggie to dip in

D and Mag in a heart - 1

When the Adventurers last hiked Thornewood last fall, the creek that runs through the property was completely dry. Not so this morning, and that made for one very happy Maggie dog.

The trail from Old La Honda Road up the Bridal Path to Lake Schilling still had some very muddy spots, enough for them to remark that it they’d done this hike just a week earlier, it would have been very boggy.

Today as they hiked next to Dennis Martin Creek they could hear the the sounds of water all along the way. That made for one very happy Maggie dog who got numerous dips.

Today’s adventure included a hike up a trail that they’d not been on before and maybe a way to get to Alice’s Restaurant on Skyline, according to a local who was walking with his dog. He also pointed them to one of the decaying fountains that had been part of August Schilling’s many additions to the property.

Hiking down they spotted a heart, something that they’d not seen on the way up. The Mag and D were good enough to poise inside it…

Hike/moderate (some good pulls on the way up)/3.35 miles

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Back to the water where it all began (sort of)

D on the water - 1

When L looks back to those first few months when she reconnected with D, she remains absolutely astounded that she accepted his invitation to paddle on the Mokelumne River in the evening when the moon was full.

moon on the water - 1She had not done much paddling in a kayak, although D says there were a couple of training runs. That first full moon paddle could have been in August – or maybe September. (That was before the chronicling of who da thunk). She does remember doing it. And, while they can’t quite remember, they could have done it again one or two times. (Not to be confused with there many paddles on the Mokelumne River during the day.)

So, they headed to Lodi noonish today to yet again experience the magic of the river under moonlight.

Well, let’s just say there were some bumps on the road (read that river). Granted, the water is very high and the current is strong when paddling upstream, but was it really necessary to spend a good hour going up and back along where the town of Woodbridge is seeing not much more than buildings?

After that silly foray, they did head out in on the River where an inordinate amount of time was waiting for the moon to rise (which could have prevented if they just head out against the current in the first place).

OK, it was a large group of varied ability, but maybe that was another problem: limit the group to experienced paddlers. Oh dear, that would cut back on the revenue. Yes, a jaded experience…

Kayak/mostly easy but some work against the current/4.5 miles

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Sharon walk on a pretty Spring morning

d and the mag at Sharon pond - 1Today’s walk included errands but that didn’t make it any less enjoyable given the lovely spring weather and fluffy clouds in the sky.

A mandatory stop when walking in Sharon Heights is a stop at the pond where Maggie enjoys a dip in the pond where the carp (undoubtedly dumped as goldfish) are at least her size if not bigger.

Lunch at Lulu’s….

Walk/hilly but easy/3.75 miles

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Hiking a favorite Woodside loop on blustery spring day

D and Mag on trail near Chops house - 1

At the back of her mind this morning, L thought they could kill two birds with one stone by going out to Woodside to do the loop that includes Green Gables Trail and lo and behold that was what D coincidentally selected.

On Thursday that D marshals at the Stanford Golf Course, there is always a bit of a time constraint, so this just over 3 1/2 mile loop that includes just a few, very moderate uphill climbs is perfect.

Given that L is going to write a story for Punch magazine on “hiking with history,” this was a good adventure as it follows along side Green Gables, the 74-acre estate that remains in the Fleishhacker family, although is on the market where it’s likely to go for over $100 million.

While trails on the estate itself are open only to members of the Woodside Trail Club and are given keys to open locked gates, there are a number of trails over or adjacent to other estates with discreet “Trail” signs to point them out.

While it was cool and blustery, what was nice was that the mud had largely dried up.

All in all a nice way to spend a spring morning…

Hike/easy/3.7 miles


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Watching the Bruins beat the Cardinal at Klein Field at Sunken Diamond

Beaz and James at Stanford baseball - 1Klein Field at Sunken Diamond is a great place to watch college baseball. On a day that was toasty sitting in the stands, the Bruins came through to beat the Cardinal with their bats, 10-7. That means the #1 Bruins beat the #2 Cardinal two out of three games.

Grace was more interested in climbing trees and rolling down the grassy knolls, but James hung in for more batters. He and the Beat showed their enthusiasm…

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From downtown Menlo to Shazam!

two cool kids in downtown MP - 1There were errands to run in downtown Menlo Park this morning, mainly getting Maggie the toothless wonder more soft dog food. So the Adventurers and the kiddos added on a little walk, with a rest stop outside Ali’s restaurant.

The main event was going to see Shazam! in the afternoon. A huge hit with both kiddos. James exclamation: ‘Best movie ever!”

It was good fun and a near perfect movie for both you and old to enjoy…

Walk/easy/1 mile

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Fun day at the Academy of Sciences with the kiddos

Grace and James on roof of Academy of Sciene - 1

There’s a lot of history embedded at the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, probably more so with L than D. That’s because many Reid relatives lived very close to the Park and L spent lots of time there as a child.

Grace and James in front of T Rex - 1How many times she took son John there is a blur, but she does remember distinctly celebrating Grace’s first birthday there. And a couple of years ago (not sure when), the Adventurers took Grace and James there.

So they headed over to Moraga today to pick up the kiddos with tickets in hand to visit the Academy today, which had a special Dino Days exhibit, realizing that at 11 and 7 they were a bit beyond optimum dinosaur fandom. (Aside: Many of the stroller patrol was on the way too young side).

James tried to be “too cool” when encountering the very real looking dinosaurs, but he spent lots of time encountering the T Rex. Was he saving his sister Grace or about to hurl her over the fence.

The great thing about the Academy for kids their age is the great number of exhibits for them to take in. We say lots of butterflies in the rainforest (Grace’s favorite) and an often overlooked fog channel, which James proclaimed his favorite (who da thunk?).

They ended their Academy adventure on the roof with its mounds of grass. OK, the kiddos had had it with the photo op…

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