Seeing San Francisco through clouds of smoke

Smoky Lake Merced - 1

The Adventurers had planned to go to San Francisco today on a number of home-related errands, well in advance of the devastating fires in Butte County that is causing the Bay Area to be shrouded in smoke.

D at Harding Park - 1They left Maggie at home, as she seemed to be wheezing a bit, maybe a result of their Sunday walk.

First stop was design center and then they headed to Lake Merced, which they had once walked the 4.5 mile circumference a couple years back.

That wasn’t going to happen this time but they did have a nice stroll around Harding Park, a golf course Booka surely would have played numerous time. Maybe he even won the amateur City championship there.

The real reason for getting to that side of the City was so that they could have lunch at Westlake Joes. As alway, a very good decision…

Two walks in city/easy/2.5 miles

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Enjoying our first Golden State Warriors game at Oracle

pre game festivities at Warriors game - 1

The Adventurers are big Golden State Warriors fans and have a tradition of watching the post season triumphs (and one disappointment) with their neighbor Kay on TV.

D and L at Warriors game - 1But tonight they attended their first game in person. A neighbor has put their season tickets for sale, and they chose a Saturday night game that started at 5:30 pm against the Brooklyn Nets.

Of course, you can’t know months in advance what players could be injured. And their bad luck was that both Steph Curry and Draymond Green were out of action. But there two favorites – Klay Thompson and Andre Igoudola were on court, much to their delight.

Their seats were in area called Sideline, which had its own eating area – nothing fancy like some of the clubs at Oracle, but good as it did cut down on the crowd. Alas, compared to AT&T, the food was just ok.

There’s a lot of spectacle that goes on during time outs and at the end of each quarter that’s not shown on TV, so that was fun to see.

And what was most fun was that the Warriors beat the Nets 116-100 – and Quinn Cook did a darn good imitation of Steph, scoring 27 points…

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And Gracie turns 11 – how can that be?

Gracie turns 11 - 1Wasn’t it just yesterday that Chris and I got the call that Grace was about to be delivered? Alas, it really was 11 years ago today.

So, it was back to Moraga to celebrate with Grace and parents and Pop Pop and Annette along with John’s buddy Andy and his two kids.

The presents were assorted and interesting. And the cake had the tallest candles, some of which kept relighting. Just like Gracie herself…

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Halloween tradition with the kiddos continues

Grace Ghostbuster dance_lead - 1

Grace and James_Halloween 2018 - 1L has been celebrating Halloween with the kiddos since Grace was one year old. Early on there was a party at the Pumpkin Patch Preschool and trick or treating in her Menlo Park neighborhood.

Next chapter included celebrations at Grace’s school in Oakland, which was just down the street from James’ preschool.

For the last three years, they’ve been at the same school, Rheem Elementary in Moraga, and it was there they headed today for the annual paraded down by grade level, which is capped off the 5th graders dancing to Ghostbusters. Grace looked like she was enjoying herself!

James with classmates - 1

Grace and girl buddies - 1Both James and Graces looked suitable ghoulish and both gave the Adventurers a wave of recognition as they walked. They even poised for sister/brother photo.

Knowing they needed dinner, the Adventurers stopped in Orinda at their favorite hofbrau to pick up some take out. They then went around the corner to Loards ice cream, ¬†where L went as a child as her mother’s best friend and family lived in Orinda. It still has that old timey feel…




D at Loards - 1

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A bit of Christmas on an otherwise gorgeous Fall walk

tree at Stanford Shopping Center - 1The Adventurers decided to walk to Tootsies for breakfast this morning, and needed to bundle up to do it. It was a nippy fall morning.

After a delicious breakfast, they decided to add to their mileage by going all the way down to El Camino through then Stanford Shopping Center. A good plan as there were few shoppers as the stores had just opened.

The one unsettling thing was the Santa’s workshop and the Christmas trees were already up. Not the day before Halloween!

They continued up Creek Drive checking out the Halloween decorations along the way.

Walk/easy/5 miles

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Exploring a new stretch of the coastal trail with UCLA chum Ginger

L and Ginger and the Mag at Half Moon Bay - 1

Lr and the Mag at in foreset - 1While D enjoyed his art class, L and the Mag went coast side where they picked up friend from UCLA days, Ginger, for a walk along the coast.

Ginger’s hotel was south of where the Adventurers usually take off, and a turn down the wrong road (she was looking for Poplar), led them to a stretch along the coast she’d never explored.

Parking near a Little League field, they headed toward a “forest”of eucalyptus that they then walked down the middle of, before hooking up with a trail that was more familiar to L. It was overcast right on the coast, but the lack of wind made it pleasant.

After their walk, they ate a sandwich at the always tasty San Benito Cafe. Such a good girl catch up, and Maggie agreed…

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Enjoying one last hike at Point Lobos State Reserve before heading home

Point Loos State Reserve Panorama - 1

Both driving down to Big Sur on Monday and driving back yesterday, it was clear that Point Lobos State Reserve is extremely popular, so much so that the parking lots fills up early in the day. That means motorists need to park on the shoulder of Hwy One and walk in, which is a good distance to all the popular spots.

Given the Adventurers were just three miles north of the Reserve – which can be seen both from their room and the dining room at Mission Ranch – they headed there this morning for a last hike before heading home.

Bird Island_ Point Loos State Reserve - 1

They parked at the second lot and first went north along the Coast, a walk both of them remember taking before, but not together.

The highlight was taking the trail south from the parking lot. While it was clear that a lot of motorists who do get access to the park, just drive from one parking lot to another, the Adventurers enjoyed the hike on slightly up and down trails with panoramic views in every direction.

Point Loos State Reserve_second panorama - 1

Their destination was Bird Island, which actually seemed like more than one island or inlet. The birds practice de facto segregation: pelicans in one area, cormorants in another with rogue seagulls touching down in both locations. How they figure this all out is a mystery, e.g. why these islands/inlets and not others?

After their good hike they stopped at Gayles in Aptos to pick up a take-home dinner. As always, they best…

Hike/easy/four miles

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