Getting the kayaks in the water for the first time in a long time

While the Adventurers kayaked in Venice and Croatia, it had been a long time since they took their own boats out for paddle. The heat wave baking the Peninsula prompted them to do just that.

They returned to the Port of Redwood City where they’d taken the boats out almost exactly three years ago during a similar heat wave. That trip had proved to be a bumpy and challenging ride so they didn’t return (at least that’s why they think they’ve ignored this closest to home put in spot.)

This time, they turned right into Smith Slough for a relatively easy and uneventful paddle. They discovered a “hidden” large body of water that may or may not be there when the tide is low. They looked at Bair Island from the water rather than the land – they’d walked there on a Maggie-free day as no dogs are allowed.

They had a really pleasant time and were really glad to be back on the water…

Paddle/easy to moderate/5.8 miles

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A journey to the 60s finishes with a 21st century meal

The long-planned Father’s Day activity was a trip to the City to see the musical A Night with Janis Joplin. L couldn’t resist a Facebook post referring to the fact that D was “spending the night with Janis.”

They were extra excited because they thought they’d be beating the horrible heat wave gripping the Peninsula with temperatures in Menlo Park edging towards 100. The City usually stays cooler. But not today. It was 91 when they parked the car. Really? In the City? In foggy June?

Back to the musical: Kacee Clanton, who played Janis as she did on Broadway, was masterful as was the entire cast. Besides the familiar Janis tunes, there were songs sung by Bessie Smith, Odetta, Nina Simone, Etta James and Aretha Franklin. The first act concluded with an extremely rousing Spirit in the Dark duet with Janie and Aretha. Wow.

Janis pattered between songs, the only off note in L’s mind as she talked incessantly about being lonely but never referenced that being a heroin addict is indeed a lonely existence. That she was seduced by drugs in her 20s was not surprising. That they killed her was the tragedy.

Having spend the afternoon mired int he 60s, the Adventurers opted for a very 21st century meal at a new place in Dogpatch (kind of on their way home) called Alta on Minnesota. Wow, was it good. L continued her obsession with octopus, or in this case, they smaller squid. Hats off to chef Matt Brimer. The only off notes, not really surprising for a restaurant just a month old, was no Vermatino chilled as D wished and, much worse considering that it was Father’s Day, no strawberry shortcake.

But they will be back on another City outing…

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Escape to the coast yields a near perfect hamburger sandwich

The Adventurers went to the coast today thinking they’d check out the San Benito House as place for a future venue but plan B yielded the treat of the month.

D rode along Canada Road until Highway 92, where L and the Mag picked him (and the bike) up. They then headed over the hill for a walk along the bluff near Maverick’s. They figured they’d have the place to themselves given that it was Warriors parade day in the Bay Area. They figured wrong. The roads and eateries were jammed, if not the trails.

Maggie likes this trail in particular because she gets to be off leash a good part of the time and then gets to run/run/run in the surf at the calm beach the other side of the famed Maverick’s surfing spot.

They worked up an appetite but when they got to the San Benito Cafe, the line was really, really long, so D said, “Let’s’ go to that caboose place.” They knew they’d read something about it and remembered hot dogs.

What they found was not dogs (although Maggie was welcomed at the all outdoor seating) but absolutely scrumptious hamburgers, on white bread with a fried egg, no less. Perfect onions, perfect sauce. Clearly a burger up there with the very best. And handmade potato chips, too.

Called Dad’s Luncheonette, it’s the brainchild of Scott Clark (former chef de cuisine at big deal San Francisco restaurant Saison) and his partner Alexis Liu. They couple recently became parents and realized full-time chef and parenting were not compatible, so opened a place on the coast in a caboose that’s been at the same spot for what seems forever.

Seating is minimal but they’ve got the timing down perfectly. Your order comes up, you eat it and your out of there, yielding to the next happy customers. Just terrific…

Hike/easy/three miles

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Two old Bears watch some big deal water polo

The Adventurers were joined by D’s swimming and water polo buddy Rob from Menlo-Atherton High School days on the Stanford campus this afternoon to watch the US National team take on the Croatia National team. It was all the more meaningful given their recent trip to that country where they spotted numerous practice facilities, either in the sea directly or an adjacent pool fed by sea water.

There was a decent turnout for a game that was played in cool and breezy conditions. Stanford alum Tony Acevedo, at age 35, a long time member of the US team formally retired, playing only half the game.

Oh, and the US lost, 6-5…

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What’s that falling from the sky? Rain in June

L wasn’t really surprised when D reported the streets were wet when he went out to get the paper this morning. She recalls a day of scattered rain showers in June over the years.

The weather did not deter their outing, although a trail closure diverted them. D cycled to the trail along San Francisquito Creek with the Mag and L following by car. They arrived to find that trail closed due to construction along the Creek.

So they headed to Byxbee down the road where they continued to explore some of the new loop trails.

Maggie was happy, either way…

Hike/easy/3.65 miles

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It’s a summer of love visit to the City (with M-A caps rather than flowers in their hair)

One of the big official 5oth anniversary of the Summer of Love events taking place in San Francisco is an exhibit of the same name at the DeYoung Museum. It’s been on the Adventurers’ calendar for some time, and up they went today, a foggy, windy, cold San Francisco day. (Just as note: 20 degree temperature difference between the City and Menlo Park.)

They’d head the exhibit had tons of posters from 60s rock concerts at places like the Fillmore, Avalon, and Longshoremen’s auditorium. One room was lined with poster wallpaper with other posters on exhibit.

There were some good mostly black and white photos of the hippie invasion to the Haight and clothes that in L’s mind looked a lot more like costumes that what people really wore in the last 60s. Small quibble, they were fun to look at.

What was absent, they agreed, was the music. There was a lot of references to the bands of the era – Big Brother, Jefferson Airplane, Quicksilver Messenger etc. – but little sound. L would have had music blasting for the rafters of every exhibit room. (But these that would have cut down on the sales of audio tours…)

After taking in the exhibit, they did what only seemed right, headed over to the Haight for lunch, eating at a good Puerto Rican spot, Parada 22 (photo above). The Haight is still pretty touristy but there are some real clothing stories intermingled in with the hippie fare. And at least on a Tuesday early afternoon, the hard drug use seemed to be at a minimum. (Someone was smoking pot at the deYoung restroom, which was amusing.)

It was a chilly but nice day…

Walk/Golden Gate park to museum and back to car/easy/two mile
Walk/up and down Haight st./easy/two miles

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Flying home of the future of commercial aviation – the 787 Dreamliner

The Adventurers flew from Paris to SFO on one of the newest planes in the air, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. United’s version has three cabins, a BusinessFirst, Economy Plus and Economy, holding about 280 passengers.

The aircraft is not only particularly full efficient but features better air circulation and dimming windows all to make the passenger experience better.

It was nice but the Adventurers didn’t feel “much more refreshed upon landing,” as the marketing promises…

Airport walking/easy/2 miles

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