Going a different route with a Redwood Shores walk

Slough_May 19 - 1

Let’s do something different was the thought the Adventurers had this morning, so they bundled up (given the gusty winds) and headed over to Redwood Shores with The Mag along for the ride.

Purple flowers_May 19 - 1There is water everywhere in this planned community that had a bumpy ride to development. Cites Wikipedia: “Redwood Shores was built up from reclaimed land in the marshes of San Francisco Bay in the 1960s, much like its neighbor, Foster City, but the development almost never came to be. The owner of the land, the Leslie Salt Company, filled in soft ground known as “bay mud” formerly used for salt-evaporation ponds, but a significant controversy developed over fears of its susceptibility to serious earthquake damage because the area is between and close to the San Andreas and Hayward faults. The ensuing battle between various government agencies and business interests eventually put Leslie Salt out of business. As a result, Bank of America became the owner of the development in 1972.

“It was the home of the Marine World/Africa U.S.A., California park from the 1960s to 1986, when the park moved to Vallejo, California (eventually becoming Six Flags Discovery Kingdom). The former location of Marine World has evolved into posh homes and townhomes, condominiums, apartments, parks, preserved land, and Silicon Valley business parks and headquarters, including the headquarters of Oracle Corporation.”

That bit of information solved the Adventurers curiosity about the timeline of Redwood Shores, of particular interest to L as she worked at Marine World the summer of 1968.

The tide was out during today’s walk, which made for some interesting landscapes. And there were flowers everywhere…

Walk/easy/5.5 miles

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Plane, bird and golf course spotting at Baylands

D at Baylands_May17 - 1

The Adventurers and The Mag headed over to Baylands for their Thursday morning adventure, mostly so that D could see the soon-to-open Baylands Links course, formerly Palo Alto Muni, that being of Booka fame.

Along the way they did a lot of bird spotting along with plane spotting. Their favorite was a red bi-plane doing touch and goes…

Walk/easy/4 miles

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Sports extravaganza with the kiddos

James _good play_May 10_hori - 1

Not only did the Adventurers want to catch up with the kiddos, this would be the only opportunity to see both James and Grace playing their respective T-ball/softball activities with some volleyball – new for Grace – thrown in.

So after a quick round the block walk with The Mag, they headed to Moraga.

James with shark's tooth_May 10 - 1First up was James’ T-ball game. The coach was patient with each batter, t-ing the ball just so, giving the batter a good chance of making contact and putting it in play. James has less trouble than some of the smaller, younger batters.

Then it was off to Gracie’s softball game. This year the girl’s are pitching, at least until it gets to a certain count when the coach takes over so that, again, the batters can make contact. It was an high-scoring game with Grace getting on base each time thanks to her good hitting.

Final stop was some volleyball, a new for Grace sport. She’s on a team of 4th and 5th graders but was nevertheless one of the taller girls. And she showed she had the ability to serve.

Grace at bat_makes contact_May 10_hori - 1

The big event of the day was giving them the little trinkets they’d brought back from Africa. The shark’s tooth was deemed “best gift ever” by James.

Going home, they took a back way through some beautiful open country. Yep, D still loves those backroads…

Grace on field_May 10_hori - 1

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Mag-less walk on old stomping ground, Huddart Park

Huddart Park_May 8 - 1It was a grooming day for Maggie, so the Adventurers headed off to a park they hadn’t been to forever (given its “no dog” policy), Huddart.

L remembers a picnic there with some women friends when she first moved back to Menlo but D didn’t think he’d been there since he was a kid.

It’s a huge parking with tons of hiking trails. They explored a just under four-mile loop. They’ll be back…

Hike/easy/3.8 miles

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Back into the swim with Hillview girls lunch

Hillview girls lunch group_May5 - 1

The every other month (or so) Hillview girls lunch took place today, as usual at Menlo Circus Club where parking is easy and food is good. And most important, conversation can linger.

Missing were Sally and Jeannine but new “member” is Barbara S. who attended Hillview through fifth grade before her parents moved to Walsh Road. Great to see some one who was once a very good friend…

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Last leg home on the might Airbus A380

Lufthansa A380 - 1

L, in particular, was excited to get a chance to experience the largest aircraft in the sky, the Airbus A380. It’s a double decker behemoth. Even with four engines however does it get off the ground?

They were lucky enough to be in Business class in  the top deck. Nice, all in all. But nothing still tops sitting upstairs on a Boeing 747 as they did from Johannesburg to Frankurt yesterday.

Their layover on this leg was just long enough for another shower and some leg stretching. Hello SFO…

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A visit to Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park starts the last day of African adventure

L and D at Victoria Falls - 1

The Adventurers rose before dawn today to begin their homeward journey, boarding first one of the Royal Chundu’s boats and then a van driven by knowledgeable guide Godspel who took them to Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park and its world famous Victoria Falls.

helicoptor ride over Victoria Falls - 1

The saw the Falls first on a fabulous 15-minute helicopter ride over it. They’d been a bit reluctant to take to the air given the expense but it was well worth it, a once in a lifetime experience. It was amazing to see the small island at the tip of the falls where David Livingston became the first European to see one of the wonders of the world.

rainbow at Victoria Falls edge - 1

The Falls are so roaring at this time of the year that it was hard to get a photo without all the mist (if you can call something that pervasive “mist”). Mosi-oa-Tunya means “the smoke that thunders,” a much more fitting name than Victoria (after the queen).

Victoria Falls - 1

Their vist included walking along the Falls edge and getting a bit wet. They’d planned for that with each clothes to change into once they reached Johannesburg and the airline lounge where they could shower.

Boat, van, plane, plane the beginning of their journey home…

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