Overnight in Moraga turns into Menlo stay

James the jungle man_Sat - 1The Adventurers and The Mag headed to Moraga today to stay overnight with the kiddos while Julie celebrated her 40th birthday with a getaway with John.

First on tap was watching James play the final indoor soccer game of the season. The team came up short, and James, in particular, was bummed that he hadn’t scored a goal.

They got back to the car to find that Maggie had been very sick (yuck, vomit everywhere). She’s been on and off for a few days, so they packed up the kiddos and headed back to Menlo Park where her medicine (and vet, if needed) where.

James and D worked in the garden, and James played jungle guy with the pith helmet brought home from Thailand (Gracie liked her elephant necklace).

Dinner was their favorite, spaghetti, and everyone enjoyed watching Coco. A nice 24 hours before heading back to Moraga on Sunday for family celebration…

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Close to home adventure on pretty day

walking around Stanford_Thursday - 1The Adventurers and The Mag did a walk around Stanford today. While walking along the banks of dry Lake Lagunita, they paused to appreciate the very pretty puffy clouds over the western hills. Some days there’s not much to report…

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One last stop at The Oasis – or is it?

L and A at Oasis - 1

The hottest story in Menlo Park for the past two weeks has been that The Oasis is set to close tomorrow, March 7. The current operators, the Tougas family, says its been unable to structure a new lease from the owners of the building, the Beltramos, who just happen to be one of Menlo Park’s oldest family. It’s caused quite a “to do” with lots of finger pointing, and unfortunately some nasty words.

L can remember the Oasis from way, way back when her father would go there to plan the Dad’s Club BBQ with other fathers from Hillview School. Then in December 1968, went with her good friend Alice (picture top right today) and ordered her first legal beverage; they both had turned 21 earlier in the month.

M-A folks at O_better shot - 1

She hung out there a lot during her junior year at UCLA when she was home frequently to visit her local boyfriend. And it is their initials that are carved somewhere in some booth.

This morning a group of M-A classmates when right when it opened and almost immediately ran into a woman who was a year behind them. Small world. And how ironic that Alice is in town from Kansas City to hoist one [maybe] last beer.

Now time will tell if the O comes back to life and what that new life looks like…

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Rainy day walk that stayed dry

D and The mag near citrus orchard - 1

shadowy at Stevens Creek - 1The morning weather forecast for the mid-Peninsula was showers off and on all day. So the Adventurers bundled up in rain gear and headed a bit south to Cupertino where D had spied a couple of trails around McClellan Ranch and Linda Vista park.

The former used to be a horse ranch owned by the McClellan family in the 1930s, and still preserves the original ranch house, a working milk barn and livestock barn, and two historical structures moved from other sites. Lots of little kids were enjoying it as the walked by on the paved surface (no muddy trails to contend with).

They came upon an citrus orchard where D and The Mag poised for a photo (the shadowing having been taken earlier).

Linda Vista turned out to be no more than a 2/3rds of a mile loop. But it was nice to check them both out and they see grandkid possibilities in the future.

And the day stayed dry, at least until they got back to Menlo Park

Walk/easy/3.3 miles

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It’s the quarterly Hillview “girls” lunch

Hillview girls at Circus Club_March 2 party - 1

As they do every other month or so, the Hillview “girls” met for lunch today at the Circus Club. This is the year they are celebrating 70th birthdays, and it was a banner day given that five Jan/Feb/March birth girls were honored.

Pictured seated left to right with the year she came into L’s life: Sally (third grade), Barb (kindergarten), Susan (second grade), Bonne (seventh grade); standing – Marilyn (second grade) and Beth (seventh grade.)

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There’s snow on them thar hills!

Mt Hamilton with snow - 1

Mt Diablo with snow - 1The Adventurers knew that a brief and surprising rain storm blew through Menlo Park last night about 10:00. And they knew that it was chilly out.

What they didn’t know until they got out to Arastradero Open Space this morning and looked East was that two locals peaks got a good dusting, both Mt. Hamilton (top) and Mt. Diablo (right).

To take full advantage of the clear skies and good views, they did two loops, one of the area that is on the east side of Arastradero Rd, which they seldom do and the other on the west side, today picking trails that they’re on less frequently.

A good morning hike enjoyed by all, especially The Mag…

Hike/moderate/4.75 miles

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A moment of wispy nostalgia for a long gone Mustang

D and the Mag '65 mustang - 1

Doing their usual breakfast walk to Cafe Borrone and the farmers market, the Adventurers happened upon a 1965 Mustang just like the one D used to own, (well except for the red interior). They waited around hoping to meet the owner but he/she never showed up…

Walk/easy/4.5 miles

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