Nothing better than a sunshiny Fall day in the City

L had an appointment in San Francisco this morning that she knew would be brief, so they set out early with Maggie in tow.

Once the appointment was done, they considered their options and decided to head to Crissy Field as you just don’t get better weather than this. (L had foolishly nixed the idea of wearing walking shorts – it was that warm.)

It seemed like every foreign visitor had decided to rent bikes to ride along the promenade with many venturing on to Sausalito via the Golden Gate Bridge.

Their walk took them for the main visitor’s center (which is always closed) to Fort Point. They enjoyed every step.

The morning was capped by another delicious lunch at the Presidio Social Club. You got to try to meat loaf…

Walk/easy/4 miles

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Fall road trip ends with whimper, not a bang

The Adventurers headed south on Highway 1 today thinking they might get one last hike on or near Bodega Bay. But L (using a very old book) didn’t quite note where the turn off was.

That led them to one of the Doran Beach parking lots and a pleasant walk through a stretch of  Bodega Bay’s wetlands, which eventually led them to the ocean itself.

Here’s to an adequate leg stretcher on what was one great road trip…

Walk/easy/1.5 miles

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Crowd gathers for sunset at Timber Cove

It’s easy (and lovely) to watch the sun set from the dining room at Timber Cove. But the way the crowds gather every night, one would think it’s something that was almost impossible to see, even though most couples staying there have seen many a sunset.

Fall trip observation: When you travel in the fall post Labor Day, you see  two groups – geezers and 20-somethings before kids. Rarely do the two groups intersect, which is too bad as the Adventurers find themselves betwixt and between (even though they fall within the geezer classification…)

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Walk around Fort Ross Historical Park becomes a trip highlight

Regarding Fort Ross, which is about 8 miles south of Timber Cove, this the Adventurers knew: L had been there before but couldn’t remember when or with who; D just remembered passing it by numerous times.

So today was the day to give the old Russian fort attention. Stopping at the visitor center, they were encouraged to make an extra effort to hike up to the cemetery. But no one mentioned that they’d actually get to see young Russian boys and girls dancing in the Fort itself.

That was courtesy of some local  school field trip. But if you didn’t know otherwise and closed your eyes, you’d think you were back 100 or so years ago. Very fun.

After that encounter, they headed down to Sandy Cove where the cemetery trail starts and heads first gradually and they steeper up the hill, ultimately on a trail with a tree canopy.

Reaching the cemetery, they tried to find the trail across Highway 1 that would take them up to the San Andreas fault line. Alas, they’re old book showed a gate that was no longer passable.

Hike/moderate/3 miles

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Before breakfast walk around Timber Cove

Given the bright blue skies, the Adventurers decided that it a good morning to hike around  Timber Cove where they were staying.

At this point they’d seen a lot of ocean and a lot of redwoods. But D managed to get a photo that capture their morning perfectly…

Hike/easy/1 mile

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And the Adventurers head south with stops at Point Arena and Salt Point

It was south on the coast today as the Adventurers headed from Mendocino to Timber Cove with stops along the way.

The first was at the Point Arena lighthouse. To get a little leg stretch, they parked outside of the park proper and walked in. The good news was that it was a clear day with pretty pictures wherever they looked.

Next stop was Salt Point State Park and an attempted loop hike down and around Phillips and China Cove Gulch. They missed a turn so did a bit of backtracking. But that didn’t take away from the lovely trails through beautiful forests…

Hike/moderate/3.75 miles

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And then there’s Patterson’s Pub where they always seem to end up

They’d probably have found Patterson’s Pub on their own but they’d gotten a tip about its eating/drinking vibe from Menlo Park friends who come to Mendocino frequently.

It was all the it was cracked up to be and would come to be the Adventurers’ go-to lunch spot on their Mendocino adventure.

Portions were HUGE. They often split but should have ALWAYS split. They did regret when the forgot to. Great food, great ambience.

The taxi parked alongside, by the way, is said to have logged more than a million miles…

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