Walking Wavecrest with a good loop trail

checking out the waves - 1

The Adventurers have walked the coast trails dozens of times but today’s route took a slightly different spin.

They parked at the Poplar St. lot and headed south towards the Ritz Carlton, thinking that may be their turnaround point, although L warned that it was further away than it looked.

About a quarter a mile from the parking lot, they entered the Wavecrest area that is watched over by POST and the Coastal Land Trust and known for its many species of birds. They did see a number of small hawks.

painterly grey skies - 1

When they reached Redonda Road, they realized the hotel was indeed further away than they wanted to venture given the busyness of the day. So they looped back along an interior trail well back from the bluff that L had discovered while walking with friend Ginger a month or so back.

This took them past the Wavecrest Open Space stand of trees and then through another stand of trees before they reached the parking lot. It was a scenic walk on a day when the sky was ever changing and the surf was high – and slated to get higher with an incoming storm.

Just for good measure, they explored downtown Half Moon Bay after their lunch at the San Benito House, and got in another mile plus.

Walk/easy with some bumpy trails at Wavecrest/5 miles

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Checking out “How tall this year” at Webb tree lot

D at Webb tree lot - 1While the Adventurers have usually gone coast side to get their Christmas tree, a variety of circumstances had them returning to Webb Ranch’s tree lot this year where they’d long purchased trees in the past.

The goal of a small tree was realized – yea! And D tried hard to reach the six foot mark not the How tall are you this year sign. The reality will be: how much did you shrink from the prior year…

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Exploring a new trail at an old favorite preserve

D and the Mag on top trail - 1

The Adventurers and The Mag have explored Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve dozens of times, but today was a bit different.

D and the Mag on Polly trail - 1First off, they awoke to pea soup dense fog of the kind that they both remarked they’d seldom seen since they were kids growing up here. They could barely see Kay’s house across the street.

So L bundled up and [foolishly] left her dark glasses at home. Who da thunk she’d need them.

But they were no further than Woodside Road as they headed north when they were in bright sunshine. Seems the tule like fog was specific to Menlo and environs.

One reason for the Pulgas visit was to photograph dogs in the off leash area for a story L is writing for Punch, so their first deviation was to head take the Hassler Trail which contains the long dog friendly area.

Then instead of doing their usual long loop, the took, for the first time the Polly Geraci Trail, which turned out to be quite lovely and joined the longer trail at the bridge over the waterless creek. Naturally, The Mag was disappointed because she knew where the water was supposed to me.

With all of the busyness going on, it was nice to get out but do a hike less time consuming…

Hike/moderate for the good pull uphill initially/2.75 miles

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Golden Gate loop is the morning hike

D and the Mag near Golden Gate - 1

L and shadow D and the Mag at the GGB - 1The Adventurers and The Mag set out on a chilly morning on a hike that took them near and then under the Golden Gate Bridge.

They’d done portions of it before, but changed it up just enough to keep things interesting.

The scene at the Bridge itself was the usual madhouse. Tons and tons of tourists with folks from out the country arriving in big buses.

But go 1/4 mile past the Bridge and they had the Presidio to themselves again, not counting other locals out walking, many with dogs.

They agreed the Presidio has the best concentration trails in the Bay Area. And they will return to the Lodge…

Hike/easy/4.3 miles

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Enjoying our time at Lodge at the Presidio

Chrissy Field Santa walk-run - 1

D and L and the Mag at breakfast - 1Has L said it before: The Lodge at the Presidio, which opened earlier this year is a winner.

The decor, the people, the views, the wine/cheese and the buffet breakfast all winners.

This morning  they poised for a photo in front of the lobby tree before heading out for their morning walk.

Back in their room to get their coats – it was a chilly morning – they watched below as their was Santa run going on along Chrissy Field. Lots and lots of Santas…

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Family celebration is a hit with the birthday girl

L and the kiddos - 1

The Adventurers were joined at the Presidio Social Club by Cathy and Mike and John, Julie and the kiddos for a birthday celebration for the Sag twins, John and L.

Like last night the place was jumping with a far number of private parties. They were outside in the tented area which suited the kiddos just fine. James, as always, was in particular fine form, parading around in the new blazer that Cathy gave him for his Christmas dinner outfit. Gracie, got hers, too and it was just not-girly enough.

L poised with the kids with Gracie striking a film star air. But one of the winning photos of all time was shot by John with the kiddos looking their happiest and best.

And a good time was had by all…

James and Grace - 1

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The Presidio is a great place to hike!

Mountain Lake - 1

Just to be clear, Maggie agrees totally that the Presidio’s trails are great. She even got some off leash time – little dog in the big City. That happened only on the Presidio’s borders as she’d read the coyote warning signs.

Coyote alert - 1From their super hotel, The Lodge at the Presidio, the Adventurers headed out on what turned out to be a 5 and 1/2 mile hike on the great Presidio trails. As she usually does when in the City, L wondered if any had been around during the Reid family outings.

If they were, she’s pretty sure she’s never been to Mountain Lake (pictured top) before, even though she’s passed it dozens of dozens of time on the way to the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s the last natural lake in the City, and one that was threatened by invasive species over the years, including what is called “pet disposal.” Think alligator, not dogs or cats.

They passed many landmarks, including the National Cemetery, with a lot of up and down climbing, none of which was too difficult. No poles for the L today.

The Mountain Lake Trail travels along the border of the Presidio Heights neighborhood with its grand houses, many of which were being remodeled. HUGE houses. And it’s not like they’re from the hinterland.

candy canes on trees - 1

The trail back was Lover’s Lane, an historic trail established in the 18th century as a shortcut used by Spanish soldiers and missionaries to get from the Main Post to Mission Dolores, located three miles south of the Presidio. Today work was being down on a footbridge built in 1885 and trees along the trail had candy canes hanging from them.

Timing was perfect for lunch at Presidio Officers’ Club’s dog-friendly Arguello Restaurant …

Hike/moderate/5.65 miles

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