Brisk morning hike along Sawyer Camp Trail and the Crystal Spring Reservoir

Sawyer Camp Trail_Crystal Springs reservoir - 1

A Maggie-at-the-groomer morning allowed the Adventurers to explore one of the most popular hiking trails on the Peninsula, albeit one that doesn’t allow dogs.

They started out around 8:30 am, and to say it was brisk is an understatement. But they moved along and for the first mile or so noticed that the adjacent Crystal Spring Reservoir was absolutely still, not a ripple to be seen. Forty-five minutes or so the wind picked up, as it usually does in the area.

D with mileage marker - 1Here’s a bit of the history of the trail, courtesy of the San Mateo County Parks website:

Leander Sawyer bought the land and became active in this area in 1853. He probably lived in a small adobe built near a natural spring in the hill – long gone.

The Sawyer Camp Trail was hiss access to his camp where old timers say he kept an inn to dispense food to picnickers, and to serve as lodging for horsemen traveling through the area. Later, the trail was used by the stagecoach from Millbrae, which connected with the San Mateo Stageline to Half Moon Bay (Spanish Town). During the 1850’s and 60’s, Sawyer grazed cattle in the area to keep down the brush and make a better area for incoming wagons.

When the city of San Francisco took over the watershed lands, narrow, winding Sawyer Camp Trail was then a county road. The Water Department fenced it for the protection of San Francisco’s drinking water. In 1978, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors designated the road a non-vehicular recreation trail and paved it for bicycles with funds provided by the State Department of Parks and Recreation.

They also got to explore the new vehicular/bike/pedestrian bridge just north of the entrance to Sawyer Camp Trail. It’s quite spectacular and provides fabulous views.

All in all a good morning (that Maggie would have loved)…

Hike/easy/6.2 miles

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Enjoying a blustery, blue sky day on the bluff above Maverick’s

D and the Mag at Mavericks bluff - 1

Clown Cottage - 1The Adventurers and The Mag headed to the coast this morning for a hike they enjoy at least twice a year, along the bluff top above the famed Maverick’s surf area.

It was very windy, which seemed to further excite Mag’s zoom mode. She even got a little off leash time (at least until they spotted the two sheriffs on bikes!)

The field along Highway One are densely packed with mustard. And the yellow wildflowers blanketed the bluff top.

They continued into the neighborhood passed the Moss Beach Distillery where they explored some streets they’d never been on. It was the L spotted a Clown Cottage, whatever that is.

A delicious lunch at Mezza Luna wrapped up the morning…

Hike/easy/four miles

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Good fun, bad basketball at Maples Pavilion

Grace and Sharma - 1

Bugs and Grace-big chair - 1L’s annual college basketball viewing is when her UCLA Bruins come north to take on the Stanford Cardinal at Maples Pavilion. This year she was joined, as usual, by D along with John and Grace, who was seeing her first college game.

After a pre-game dinner at Gott’s, they headed across the street where the game had just gotten underway with a tie score of 16 to 16. It was all down hill from there as the Bruins never took the lead and were down by 23 points at one point.

A further distraction was that a piece of apparatus that held one of the nets became unhinged, causing an over 45 minute game delay. And this on the nationally televised ESPN game. Eventually they brought in two replacements hoops. That didn’t help the Bruins.

Grace and her Bugs cruised a bit during the delay. The result were a couple of fun shots. And Grace, bless her heart, said, she had a “really, really good time…”

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Chilly, windy walk along the golf course and creek among the marsh

speed lines at new levee - 1

on the boardwalk - 1The Adventurers did something today that they’d been unable to do for well over a year: walk the loop that starts adjacent to the Baylands golf course and takes you creekside through marshland, passing by the Palo Alto airport,

A large section of this trail had been closed while work was done to “fix” San Francisquito Creek where it flows into the Bay to prevent future flooding. The channel is now super wide (as the top photo sort of shows).

The wind was blowing and the temperature was in the high 40s – a bit brisk – but The Mag loved it and they made their way at a steady clip. A bit over two miles in the walked a long boardwalk that had been constructed over the marshland. This gave The Mag an up close view of what was going on below as her head fit between the slats.

They’ll return in warmer weather for a paddle…

Walk/easy/3.5 miles

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Being wowed at a movie theater – really

D at new movie theater - 1

The headline is actually an understatement. All the Adventurers intended to do was see the Green Book which they’d been meaning to catch for some time. In searching times, L happened to stumble on a newish (October, she learned) theater complex in the San Antonio Shopping Center all the Showcase Icon. The time was better than at their usual Redwood City destination, so she bought tickets.

Just walking in was a wow, felt more like they were attending the Academy Awards than catching a movie matinee (ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration). The multi-auditorium theater offers leather recliner chairs, digital menus and a full bar and lounge (D is pictured in the bar, a bit sleepy in the mid-afternoon).

Showcase Icon is a Midwestern family business (the Kerasotes) spanning three generations, starting in 1909. The opening press release touted their three top-of-the-line auditoriums equipped with RealD 3D projection, “Icon-X premium large format” screens and Dolby Atmos speakers. Those auditoriums include a second floor “VIP” area connected to a 21-and-over bar and lounge.

Tickets were a bargain $7 and there’s a special $6 deal on Tuesdays!

They weren’t able to take in all of the amenities as just a portion of the theater that was screening Green Book was open. They did enjoy their heated, reclining leather seats. And D stayed awake for the whole movie. It was that good…

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Mini polar blast brings snow to the Peninsula hills -and lots of green, too

The Mag and D look for snow - 1

At least once a winter, the peaks surrounding the Bay Area get dusted with snow. And that was the forecast when the Adventurers went to bed last night.

Felt Lake - 1So it was fun to receive photos first thing in the morning taken by a Menlo Park resident of the nearest snow on Windy Hill, which L InMenlo: snow on Windy hill.

Given that D had a couple of appointment this afternoon, they didn’t have time to explore the snow themselves and instead did a spectacular hike, focusing on the eastern side of Arastradero Preserve where they could Mt. Hamilton and Misson Peak as well as Windy Hill. It was brisk so they kept as good a pace as they could given some muddy patches.

Over the fence they could see almost full Felt Lake on Stanford land. And it was green glorious green everywhere…

Hike/easy/3.2 miles

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Back to the City again, this time to see Come From Away

D in front of Come From Away - 1

The Grove - 1Even with the weather service calling for torrential downpours and high winds, the Adventurers headed back up to the City today to see the Broadway musical, Come from Away. The verdict – great show. Acting, singing, dancing all in a concise 100 minutes with no intermission. That’s their kind of show.

An added bonus was the diversity of the audience, particularly age wise. This wasn’t just a geezer show, lots of kids and young folks.

Before taking in the show, the ate lunch at one of their favorite restaurant, The Grove, across from Yerba Buena Gardens. It was packed, even on a Sunday, with lots of folks with name tags, given its proximity to Moscone Center.

They once again had the chicken pot pie. Just the kind of dish for a wintering day…

Walk/easy/4.2 miles

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