Spectacular clear Fall day in Santa Barbara

Two years ago the Adventurers were in Santa Barbara overnight on their way to a Thanksgiving dinner in Pasadena and they almost froze to death. It was so windy and chilly that the local restaurant they went to because the patio was dog friendly invited the Mag Dog to sneak inside.

What a difference two years makes. Today was a crystal clear, beautiful day to be walking the pedestrian path adjacent to the beach in Santa Barbara. Even in the late afternoon, it was in the 80s.

The Mag was in full Maggie mode, sniffing everything and greeting every dog she encountered.

Early on they stopped in front of the historical train station which was gleaming gold, much more than the photo shows.

They then headed to the shore and walked a couple of miles…

Walk/easy/2.25 miles

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Taking the kiddos to see the musical Peter Pan

When L heard that the Palo Alto Players were putting on Peter Pan and that her friend Connie’s niece was playing Peter, it was a no brainer to figure out a why to take Grace and James to what is one of her all time favorite musical.

Along with D she’d seen it first on TV numerous times with Mary Martin in the 1960 production. She’d then taken John to see it when he was a lad, with Sandy Duncan playing the title role.

The performance was a special children’s matinee and there were pre-viewing activities, which included make hats and magic wands. The kiddos modeled theirs in front of a window leading to Neverland.

Corrie Farbstein is a fabulous Peter and the rest of the cast was excellent as well, particularly Captain Hook. Given the level of acting, singing, dancing and sets it was hard to believe that it was community theater production.

Willbe watching what this theater company will be putting on in the future…

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Walking in the rain is the only choice

It rained over an inch during the night and the wet stuff continued into the Adventurers walk time. So they donned their waterproof gear and set out. Even Maggie had a rain coat (should have gotten a photo).

Instead, they marveled as cars hardly slowed to go through the small lake that had formed just down the street for them. Whoosh!

Maggie did enjoy each and every big puddle…

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Wow – that’s one big Calzone!

The Adventurers enjoyed a nice walk around the Stanford campus this morning but it was their post M-A alumni meeting that got their attention.

As they often do after that meeting, the stopped at Carpaccio, hoping to get a seat at the bar and something light for dinner. But the place was jumping, unusual on a Tuesday night at 8:00 (this is a geezer and family spot where the diners eat early).

So they grabbed a seat adjacent to  the pizza/pie oven, which when they thought about it was probably one of the first of its kind. There were a couple of new faces there and they watched a Calzone being made and decided to try it.

L has been to Carpaccio hundreds of times but never took notice of the Calzone special, which changes weekly. The one they had was filled with cheese, meat balls and fennel sausage. It sat on top of a delicious tomato sauce.

Even in half, it was a lot of food. But they’re glad the tried it…

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Continuing getting back to a routine with LuLu’s Saturday walk

The Adventurers Saturday routine is to walk to LuLu’s for breakfast (even though their favorite dish is no longer on the menu).

But they don’t do it the most direct way. Rather they go around the “long ” block and then up Sharon Rd and up the hill past Monte Rosa to Sand Hill Drive which takes them up a bit more. For a city walk, it provides a decent work out. And The Mag gets to dip in Sharon Lake.

The low Fall sun provided by a pretty good shadowy…

Walk/easy with one long pull/4 miles

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Getting “marshy” on an after rain walk at Baylands

L has been walking/jogging at Baylands for 20 years. It was a favorite Saturday outing for Cassie the dog and it’s become a favorite of The Mag Dog.

Along with D, she’s done the loop that goes along San Francisquito Creek (currently closed due to golf course construction) and also the Byxbee/Adobe Creek loop dozens and dozens of time.

But for the first time, this morning the Adventurers stuck to the marshes. They’re fairly tall, two to three feet depending on the plants and come in a myriad of colors, spectacular when the sun was coming out after the morning rain.

The walked out to where they’ve launched their kayaks and then along the trail that eventually runs adjacent to the Palo Alto Municipal Airport. There were tons of shore birds pecking away at the sandy mud looking for a meal.

It was a really nice outing that turned out to be a warm morning, what with the humidity…

Walk/easy/3.6 miles

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Getting sort of back to routine with an Adventure Tuesday

Sort of does describe it as today wasn’t a pure Adventure Tuesday as first stop was a check-in with Dr. Hwang at UCSF, a month following L’s cataract surgery.

The verdict: her left eye’s vision is sparkling good and a satisfied physician decreed “we couldn’t have gotten the measurements and outcome lined up any better.” Next decision down the road: Does she get refractive surgery on the right eye to make for total distance vision or keep the intermediary vision she now has.

Noticing how clear the day was from the UCSF medical center, which sits high on a San Francisco hill, the Adventurers, accompanied by The Mag Dog, decided it would be a good day to go for a coast walk, so headed south to one of their favorites, the Devil’s Slide trail.

It’s easy walking as it’s along the road that was often closed during the rainy season when boulders would tumble down upon it. But it’s also a good pull in a couple of places, one, in particular, a 9% grade.

L chose to focus on the shadowy outcome of the Fall sun…

Hike/easy/3 miles

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