Taking a walk on a new-to-them section of the Bay Trail

Marsh land poster - 1

The Adventurers headed north this morning in order to walk at the new-to-them section of the Bay Trail that starts just south of SFO.

Egret in the Bay - 1The fog had lifted enough that they could see the planes taking off, the smaller craft to the east and the larger planes to the west, on the longer runway. One mystery was an all white 747 with no markings. A cargo plane? A movie plane? A quick look on the Internet revealed no conclusive answer.

Along the way, they spotted lots of shore birds on one side and the back side of hotels or event space on the other side. It was a scenic route if you kept you gaze toward the water.

Outbound they turned inland at Bayside Fields, which took them along a old land fill on one side and a marsh on the over – all smack in the middle of an urban area!

All in all a nice outing along the Bay…

Walk/easy/4.65 miles


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Getting a taste of the Navy during morning San Diego walk

USS Zumwalt - 1

As the saying goes, “when in Rome…”, so this morning the Adventurers left their great hotel (The Pendry) after breakfast and walked to USS Midway, a ship they thought had been in World War II. Not!

D with USS Midway in back - 1It was actually commissioned a week after the end of World War II.  It does have some claims to fame: the largest ship in the world until 1955 as well as the first U.S. aircraft carrier too big to transit the Panama Canal. The Midway operated for 47 years and saw action in the Vietnam War and also served as the Persian Gulf flagship in 1991’s Operation Desert Storm.

It’s such a big ship that now, as a museum, it has dozens and dozens of aircraft on display on its deck. Not surprising there were a lot of military-themed tour groups on the scene.

As they headed back via Seaport Village they spotted what seemed like some huge steel monster headed their way. It turned out to be USS Zumwalt (top photo) whose homeport is San Diego.

Quick research revealed that USS Zumwalt is a guided missile destroyer named for Admiral Elmo Zumwalt that cost a whopping $4.4 billion. The destroyer has stealth capabilities, having a radar cross-section akin to a fishing boat despite her large size. It looks like something you don’t want to mess with…

Walk/easy/3.15 miles

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Watching the Giants play at Petco Park and catching some great music at The Shout House

The Shout House - 1

D and L at Petco - 1 (1)D’s kids were good enough to get the Adventurers primo seats right behind the Giants dugout for tonights game at PetCo Park. It was the first time L had been to that ballpark, which is quite nice.

And the Giants actually beat the Padres. (Both teams have had horrid years.) There’s much talk about whether Giants manager Bruce Bochy will be back next year, so this could be the last time they see him manage a game.

There were lots of other Giants fans around them and who robustly sang “Root, Root for the GIANTS” during the 7th inning stretch. That caused Bochy to turn around and smile. Nice gesture.

They’d gotten a tip from another hotel guest about a night club in the GasLamp District called The Shout House (top photo) which has dueling piano players that hammer out classic rock ‘n roll, so they walked over to listen. They pianists were great and the crowd spanned all ages. Wish there was something like it on the Peninsula…

Walking to and from ballpark/easy/2 miles

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Hiking at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve followed by good lunch

D at Torrey Pines State Reserve - 1

The 1,500-acre Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve boasts on its website that people from all over the world visit. And the Adventurers found that to be true at their hike there this morning, where almost everyone they encountered came from Europe or Asia.

La Jolla Cove - 1The question remains, why? They’ve both been to many places much more scenic. And the Torrey Pine itself is sort of a straggly thing, although with a certain kind of beauty.

The season may have contributed to the sort of bedraggled appearance of the maritime chaparral in particular. It yearned for a good soaking.

After their hike, they headed to La Jolla was a second walk to get their distance up and had a nice lunch outside at the Brockton Villa. It was one of those places that looked like a tourist trap, overlooking the La Jolla Cove, as it did. But food was tasty and service good.

Then it was off to the next adventure in downtown San Diego…

Hike/easy/1.8 miles; walk/super easy/1.7 miles

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Hike in the [hidden] desert followed by an almost hole-in-one

Shaw Trail tunnel - 1

So, let’s just say the marketing descriptions of the very exclusive/very expensive resort hotel the Adventurers are staying at forgot to mention that it is surrounded by not-beautiful-at-all Southern California desert.

D's almost hole in one - 1That was apparent when the Adventurers headed out on a morning hike suggested by the hotel on the Shaw Trail, some of which was along adjoining lawn before intersecting with a dirt path that took them to the “scenic” underpass where D was photographed. L thinks they get away with it because few resort guests actually use the suggestive hiking paths.

That was all offset when D played the resort’s golf course, a Tom Fazio designed course that gets narry a mention on his website of golf courses he’s designed.

That was evident, as while the course looked pretty, it rarely played tough. Mostly D played respectful bogey golf. The afternoon was highlighted by a within inches hole in one. And L got to see it…

Hike/easy/three miles plus some legwork on the golf course

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A celebratory birthday for Papa Nu a month before the actual day

D with grandkids - 1

D and his daughters - 1The Nugent clan gathered in Del Mar today to celebrate Papa Nu’s 70th birthday, albeit a month early due to some scheduling conflicts in October. Having all three daughters (and husbands) along with three grandchildren all in attendance was very special.

The festivities began with hike which the three preschoolers did just as well as the adults in attendance. The reward for pool time at the resort’s pool. Adults took turns getting in the water, but a highlight, at least to Lily, was having Paps Nu give there numerous Denny Dolphin rides. That means going under water and then coming up for some surface water swimming.

After a break for nap time, the group re-assembled for dinner on the terrace where D and L were staying. This was the wise suggestion of the front desk man at the hotel, who knew that kids can get antsy during a longer than usual meal.

Papa Nu blowing out candles - 1

And that did prove the case, but not after all three preschoolers sat through the meal before they were released to play on the lawn.

The good news: son-in-law Matt is a professional photographer so the photos are great…

three Nugent grandkids - 1

Hike/easy/two miles plus another mile

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Off to San Diego for beginning of the birthday celebration

Old United aircraft - 1

The Adventurers headed up to SFO this morning to catch their flight to San Diego where they’d be celebrating D’s birthday with the Nugent clan a month early (due to Hall of Fame induction in October).

D with churros - 1They realized it had been quite some time since they’d flown out of SFO domestically and given their close in gate, took advantage of the small United Club room just across the way. The corridor leading in to it was graced with lots of old United planes, as was the Club room itself. Fun for aviation fan L to look at.

Once at their destination, the Fairmont Grand Del Mar (and grand it is although not without some service bumps), they headed up to the golf Clubhouse where there was a good happy hour. They mentioned the birthday festivities and the next thing they knew out came a cluster of churros (D’s favorite) and some ice cream topped with whipped cream and candles.

The chef came out to greet them, too, and talked about his stay at the Banff Springs Hotel where they’d stayed on their Canadian Rockies trip.

A good start to action packed weekend…

Hike/easy/1.4 miles

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