Peninsula dog friendly hike: Pulgas Open Space Preserve

Trail in Pulgas Open Space Preserve Maggie the dog, a three-year-oldish Yorkshire terrier who’s been in D’s life for the past [almost] year, joins the adventurers as much as possible. The challenge in San Mateo County is the relatively few dog-friendly open space preserves, of which Pulgas OSP in Redwood City is one. (Note: this preserve offers one of the few off-leash areas on the Peninsula, although pretty it’s not, being the concrete remnants of an old sanatorium.)

The six miles of trails Pulgas provides is sufficient to feel you’ve had an outing, but not so strenuous that you come home exhausted. Pluses are easy access off of highway 280 and the pretty views of the western hills. A minuses are the dull, steady noise of 280.

Maggie, it should be noted is a get and go kind of girl, reminiscent of the spirit of L’s beloved Cassie…

Hike/moderate up and down/4.1 miles

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