Kermy the kayak launched on the Consumnes and Mokelumne rivers

L paddling_initial outingKermy, the just-christened, new EddyLine kayak met the water for the first time today. We drove to the launching site at the Consumnes River Preserve, which is about half way between Stockton and Sacramento. The hope was to see some wildlife, along with L testing the new boat — and trying her hand at kayaking for just the third time. (D purchased his kayak, nicknamed Old Blue — a Necky — last year, but has been paddling off and on for eight years or so).

Not much was sighted of things that swim, fly or hide in the grass but a picture perfect spring day nevertheless. The water, both on the Consumnes and on the Mokelumne was glass-like calm, making for terrific reflections of the just-budding trees that line the bank. Fellow paddlers commented that they’d never seen the rivers so calm…

River paddle/easy to moderate (some harder paddling when going against the tide)/5 miles

Photo by Dennis Nugent

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