Spring is perfect for paddling the Mokelumne River

The mid-week forecast for a soggy weekend didn’t develop, and the Adventurers were greeted to sunny skies with patchy clouds this morning with little wind (which can be a bit ferocious at this time of the year). It was perfect condition for a paddle.

yellow flag iris_040713So they loaded (or rather “D” loaded) the two kayaks – Old Blue and Kermy – on top of the SUV and headed for the Mokelumne River, putting in at Lodi Lake (which is really just part of the River). About three river miles east, they paddled under Highway 99, upsetting dozens of swallows who’d build their mud nests on the underside of the freeway bridge.

The “show” on the River today was the number of turtles spotted basking on the rocks near the bank. A woman who was out tending the garden of her riverfront home said this was the first she seen this year, noting that they hibernate.

The turtles, however, took second place to the stands of tall yellow flag iris. Old Blue couldn’t resist poking his nose in one stand…

Photos by Dennis Nugent

Paddle/easy/6.2 miles

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