Eating well continues, this time with a good walk

D and Maggie at Lake Lagunita

D and Maggie and L at Rodin doorIf you’re going to eat, you better balance with some exercise. So after a lazy morning, the Adventurers headed out across the Stanford campus for loop walk that took them by what is left of Lake Lagunita. The series of December rain storms had given the Lake a good start but the slim rainfall in 2013 meant the lake start receding before it ever good full. Maggie wanted to go in for a dip but D said no.

Their eating destination was Cool Cafe adjacent to the Rodin sculpture garden and Cantor Art Center. Its a great place for an outdoor lunch with good food thanks to oversight by Jesse Cool, who also owns the Flea Street Cafe in Menlo Park.

Like other visitors, they had their photo taken in front of Gates of Hell, a bronze piece that Robin took two decades to complete. That’s a long time to chisel away…

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