Heading south to north along the High Line and Hudson River Parkway

Art as seen from High Line_061213

Changing weather conditions have prompted the Adventurers to catch as catch can, sometimes modifying schedules on the fly like yesterday when they thought they’d go to the Met but found the sunny conditions perfect for a row in the Park.

A must do on their list was to walk the High Line, an old railroad line in lower Manhattan that’s been transformed into an elevated park. Like a similar pathway in Paris, it’s a bit magical to be strolling at rooftop height as well as between tall residential buildings.

Despite very windy conditions, they headed out to catch the subway downtown shortly after 10:00 am. Their payoff was a relatively un-busy walkway, if you didn’t count the school outings.

Part of the allure is not only what you see on the High Line itself but various artistic endeavors that line the path, many of which are billboard size (top). There are also  peaks the Hudson River and neighboring New Jersey.

Exiting the High Line at 30th, their walk had just begin. They headed over to the Hudson River Parkway and headed north, exiting about where they’d begun their walk last week. The surprise was the newly-installed public art that lined the Parkway, along with a few remaining decaying loading docks (below) that seemed like art as well.

The long stroll made them feel less guilty about stopping at Zabar’s for a panini on the way home…

Black ruined docks along Riverside Drive_0612131

Walk/easy but long/9.5 miles

Photos by Dennis Nugent

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