A journey to Brooklyn that includes Coney Island and a walk across the bridge

Coney Island lifeguard

The city of New York can get very big when you start out on the Upper East Side and go to Coney Island, which is on the southern tip of Brooklyn. Put another way, it’s a bushel of subway stops that takes about an hour.

Brooklyn Bridge walk:cycle pathEven though the skies threatened with the possibility of more rain, the Adventurers decided to make their way to the iconic American amusement park – or rather parks. Unlike places like Disneyland, Coney Island is a series of separately operated areas. The biggest attractions continue to be the Cyclone roller coaster and the Wonder Wheel. The famous – if not all that good – food is a Nathan’s hot dog.

Emerging at the end of the Q line, the Adventurers were greeted by blue skies, an unexpected surprise, which made their walk along the boardwalk – first to Brighton Beach and then back toward the amusement area – all the more pleasant. They stopped along the way to chat with one of the many lifeguards (guarding on this day very few people) and put their feet into the Atlantic Ocean.

If that wasn’t a full enough day, they took the F line to Metro Tech station, the closest stop before crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. They chose not to ride across but to walk across instead. It’s a magical journey that may beat the High Line, as the walkway is above the car traffic.

It was, they agreed, a near perfect June day in New York City…

Walk/easy/8.5 total miles

Photos by Dennis Nugent

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