What’s back to normal when you have all day to figure out what to do?

Max's hamburger

L. was once the editor of what was then called Modern Maturity magazine. During her 30s, she chronicled the life of retirees. Today, she lived the life.

D and Mag in front of hospitalTake a long time to read the paper…eat breakfast slightly before 10:00 am…then decide the day’s activities.

The Adventurers’ decision was to walk to downtown Palo Alto to pick up some art books D. was interested in buying. They walked down on one route, and then made their way back to Menlo Park on another.

They paused in front of what is now called Hoover Pavilion, but was Stanford hospital when D was born there [some decades ago]. They then made their way to Max’s at the shopping center where D opted for what turned out to be one big burger.

The challenge, of course, was to waddle home. Thanks goodness they had Maggie to lead the way…

Walk/easy/6.2 miles

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