Both sides now – just over the hill at Pescadero

Stage stop barn_062313

The Adventurers both admitted this morning that they’d hit the wall. They’d walked – and a few times jogged – a whole lot of miles in the past couple of weeks. And maybe they could go no more.

Stage stop barn_alternate_062311The weather was not a rallying point, as a somewhat unusual June rainstorm was predicted to hit the Bay Area. That brought cloudy skies – just enough to fool people that it was cold outside, which it was not.

After a fair amount of  “percolating”, D suggested they head over to the coast to have breakfast at Duarte’s Tavern, a stage coach stop which has been there forever.

L remembered the restuarant as the place to get one of her favorite soups – half artichoke and half green chile. It didn’t disappoint. The bonus was the artichoke omelets they both ordered – lots of hearts surrounded by eggs that would make France (not America) happy.

After the breakfast, which The Mag had waited patiently through in the car, they retrieved the patient Yorky to see the sights of Pescadero. That included a building that had “two sides now.” Both were photographically interesting. At least that’s what L concluded…

Photos by Dennis Nugent

Walk/very easy/2.75 miles

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