One rocky descent makes for one challenging hike, albeit with great views

D and M_Donner Lake vista_71113

“The  good news,” D explained , “is that most of this hike is down or flat.” That the Adventurers had to hitch a ride along the last two, flat miles says it all. Of course, the fact that they’d added a couple of miles to their journey with a wrong turn contributed to the fatigue.

D and M_rocky downhill_71113But the real torture was the little-under-two-mile-descent that at times was at a 20 degree angle. Throw in the fact that the trail that was mostly loose shale, and the result was treacherous going at times. Only Maggie breezed down what they came to refer to as “the hike down the steep side of the mountain.”

They made it down only to find it was another two miles to Donner Lake, where they collapsed at a restaurant called Martha’s Kitchen, which promptly brought out a bowl of water for Maggie. Further salvation was provided by Brennan, who was working at Donner Lake Watersports and Marina, and his boss, who gave him the time off to ferry the tired two Adventurers back to where their car was parked at the other end of the Lake.

Needless to say they didn’t make it to Truckee Thursday, collapsing instead…

Hike/challenging – up to 7300 from 6700 feet, then down to 5900 feet, loose shale on descent/8 miles

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