Hiking to/swimming in pretty-as-a-picture Sword Lake

Sword Lake

The Adventurers had planned to hike around Pinecrest Lake today, like they had done a year ago. (It was certain to be more pleasant as temperatures were at least 20 degrees cooler.)

trail to Sword LakeBut a give-away newspaper they’d picked up extolled the virtues of Sword Lake, so they headed out east on Highway 108 to the Clark Fork turn off, which took them another 10 or so miles to the trailhead, which they were surprised to see was jam-packed with cars.

When they got to their destination after a largely downhill 3 mile hike, they understood why, Sword is not only picturesque it’s quite swimmable. It seemed especially popular with boys (some Scouts) and a few older male chaperones.

Both Adventurers took the plunge, D jumping while L slid off the granite rock into the water. It was a near perfect shadowy adventure…

Top photo by Dennis Nugent; right photo by Linda Hubbard

Hike/moderate – steady pull up on the return/6 miles

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