Enjoying a famous taste of the Valley at El Rancho Steak and Lobster House

steak dinner at El Rancho

One of the first places that D took L a year ago was the local restaurant institution, El Rancho Steak and Lobster House located in what might be described as “not a very good neighborhood” in East Stockton. Its menu is simple; select from a few cuts of beef and add (or not) lobster tail. It’s a throwback, down to the crudities the waitress brings to you the minute you sit down. (The Adventurers always chose the much more atmospheric bar with its old-fashioned booths than the dining room.)

Steaks at El RanchoHere’s the history of the place that will next year celebrate its 75th anniversary gleaned from the web:

“The original structure was built by Pete Fecharo in 1939. At that time it was owned by Frank and Mae Guth.

“Throughout the years the El Rancho has been known as a hot spot, mostly for its great food and atmosphere. Three times it was so hot it actually caught on fire. In 1962 it burned all the way to the ground. The new building was constructed by Al Toccoli. The second fire burned a hole through the roof. The third fire was in 1984 and burned the dining room down.

“After three years of being closed the restaurant was sold to Ray Lacondeguy. He rebuilt the dining room and on July 8, 1987 the doors were re-opened once again.”

Ray is still here today, greeting each and every customer, mostly by name. Our waitress calls both of the Adventurers “honey.” The steaks taste like real meat and the onion rings are terrific. And yes, you get more than enough food by splitting a dinner…

Restaurant/Steak&Lobster/3 starts (out of 3) for food and atmosphere (in the bar)

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