Talking a ride back to their youth at the Western Railway Museum

Sacramento Northern caboose

As kids, both of the Adventurers rode Southern Pacific trains from Menlo Park to the City. And both can remember (how can this be?) when the passenger cars were pulled by a steam engine. They agree they both like trains, not fanatically like some people, but more than average.

Paul at Western Railway MusuemSo on stop two of what was going to be a triple play day of adventures, they stopped in at the Western Railway Museum located on a stretch of open space between Fairfield and Rio Vista. The museum specializes in electric railway transportation and has restored 10 miles of track on what was once the Sacramento Northern Railway.

They took two rides, both on what they grew up calling street cars (now called light rail or, if you’re in the City, “Muni”). The first one plied the L and K line in San Francisco, making it possible that their parents could have rode on it. The second one transported people up the Peninsula from San Jose. (They’d hoped to ride on an actual Sacramento Northern passenger car, but they weren’t running Saturday.)

Their tour guide of one of road house #3 was Paul. Needless to say, he had a lot of tales to tell…

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