Long walk on their local “own private” Delta island

Shadowy plus Maggie_091513The Adventurers have long thought of the 4 mile or so (measured at the perimeter) island that’s accessed at the end of Trinity Parkway as their own. Of course, they don’t own it, but it’s been an oft-walked trail since D moved to far north Stockton, almost exactly a year go. It’s their favorite “long walk” place, doable even in the summer as long as they get an early start.

Temperatures have cooled down enough in the Central Valley that they didn’t set out until around 10:00 this morning. There were times when a larger Delta breeze would have been welcomed, but it was, all in all, a pleasant morning outing. The Adventurers and Maggie stopped on the bridge leading to the island for a shadowy shot…

Walk/easy-flat/6.5 miles

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