Keeping their eyes open for art in Casco Antiguo (before the downpour)

art in Casco Antiguo Panama City

A treat of strolling the streets of Casco Antiquo was various street art spotted along the way. We picked three that were particularly memorable for their whimsy.

When the Adventurers finished their visit to the old part of the city, they took a cab to the  Amador Causeway, a finger of land that’s between the Bay of Panama and the water leading to the entrance/exit of the Panama Canal. The idea was that they’d have a nice long stroll and get to see some of the ships.


But rain was their companion more than ships, and by the time they were almost at the farthest end of the Causeway, a real deluge started. The hailed down a passing bus whose driver was good enough to let them ride free – they didn’t have the required fare card – to the shelter of a restaurant.

And then the rain got worse. They agreed that they hadn’t seen rain that hard since they were in Costa Rica a year ago…

spotted_tire wall_old town_L_092913

Top photo by Dennis Nugent

City walk/easy if not for the rain/7.5 miles total for the day

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