Western Night Monkeys are regular visitors at cocktail hour at Al Natural in Panama


There’s a nightly show at Al Natural, which, while feeling a bit scripted is enchanting nevertheless. During the cocktail hour four Western Night Monkeys perch themselves on an observation deck constructed nearby for them.

monkey_secondThey are both cute and gentle with little paws that take banana out of people’s hands while remaining ever vigilant for owls, their natural predator. (That the monkeys appear so reliably has the cynical L wondering if the monkeys are caged somewhere when not called upon to perform. But she was reassured on a number of people that jack-of-all-trades Abner trained them over a six or so month period to come ever closer.)

The other nightly show is the bioluminescent dinoflagellates, which are a photosynthesis using plankton. It’s a bit of a magic show produced by turning a flash light off and on. It’s an amusing activity…

Photos by Dennis Nugent

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