Taking a stroll above and through Boquete – and finding good food for lunch and dinner

coffee beans_sat_09513
Replenished after a delicious “date night ” dinner of rack of lamb prepared by host Barry at Coffee Estate Inn (a Friday night specialty that’s most recommended) and a good night’s sleep in the Inn’s super comfy bed, the Adventurers set out this morning to explore Boquete. They were curious why it had become a well-known haven for retirees

Their route took them along the ridge for a half mile or so before descending to town through a neighboring coffee plantation. The beans were in various stage of ripeness, and the plants were scattered among banana trees.

They came into town at the south end and strolled up and down the Main Street, stopping at one store to buy some tile coasters.

The Rock dinner on Oct 5The double surprise of the day was both lunch and dinner with food rivaling the Bay Area’s best. Lunch spot Mango is less than a year old and chef owned by Craig Miller, a personable American. The Rock, the choice for dinner (entree pictured), was also excellent.

That Boquete is a bit foodie of a foodie haven makes sense given the ex-pat money here The real estate office showcased lots of properties in the $2-3 million range as well as nice homes for around $3k.

The have and have nots, apparent throughout Panama, is somewhat pronounced here here due to the ex pat factor and the multiple gated communities. Native Pananmians aren’t particularly friendly, and whether that is resentment or simply cultural is unclear.

Bottom line, nice place to visit but wouldn’t want to live here…

Photos by Dennis Nugent

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