Taking a Sunday drive in the hills and valleys of Boquette

L and D_waterfall_Sunday_09613Driver Daniel Higgins-Watson picked up the Adventurers Sunday morning for a driving tour of Boquete. In three different loops, they pretty much covered all the town’s neighborhoods. Disparity between the haves and have nots was again in marked contrast. Waves of foreign immigrants came to the area for a variety of projects, and their stamp is evident in many areas, such as a group of homes Swedes once owned, brought to Boquete to work on the hydroelectric power plant.

A particularity verdant area was in the end of the town called San Ramon. Lots of other Sunday drivers were making the trip out to the waterfall and the loop through various agricultural areas. Crops such as potato, onion and bell paper are grown for national distribution. It’s pretty countryside, with some kind of creepy things like a home/inn that was being taken back by the jungle.

abandoned building_Oct 6

The adventurers had Daniel drop them off a little more than two miles from downtown and the walked back in, stopping at the historic Panamonte Inn. Both chose a BLT with avocado and agreed it was one of the best they’d ever had.

Back in their lovely cottage at Coffee Estate Inn, another big thunderstorm rolled in. It was still occasionally booming by the time they went to an early bed…

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