Acting like grown ups with on trip to the City

The Adventurers felt like grown ups today, traveling up to San Francisco to see The Book of Mormon and have an early dinner following the matinee.

Farallon dining roomThe musical lived up to expectations. They both agreed that they’d never seen anything like it. Highly recommended for those not offended by bad language and racy scenes.

After the matinee they strolled back up Market before heading up to Union Square, where they caught the end of the Niners game at Lefty O’Douls. Then it was on to Farallon for dinner. Wrote San Francisco Chronicle restaurant critic in a 2010 review:

“Few restaurants offer the whimsical appeal of Farallon, what with its jellyfish light fixtures that hang from the ceiling in the bar, the white plastered nook of a room that feels like the inside of a nautilus shell, and the painted mosaic dome over the main dining room that used to be the ceiling for the Elks Club pool.”

The good news is that the food matched the decor…

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