Whoops – UCLA basketball team forgot to show up at Maples today

L with UCLA ChancellorThe day started off great. The Adventurers made their way over to Maples Pavilion on the Stanford Campus to watch L’s Bruins take on the Cardinal. They knew they had great seats – just a few rows behind the Bruin bench.

They weren’t in the door at Maples longer than a minute when they noticed a lot of fuss going on around a pleasant looking white haired man. Turns out he was UCLA Gene Block who has agreeably posing for photos. (The guy in photo here was in a lot of photos – unsure if he was former player or parent of current player, but he seemed to know everyone and everyone seemed to know him.)

When L mentioned to the Chancellor that she’d been there during Young’s tenure, he quipped: “Everyone was at UCLA while Young was there,” undoubtedly a comment about the former chancellor’s long tenure.

Turns out that was the high point of the game. The Bruins, who had played at Cal and won handily on Wednesday night, didn’t appear to show up for this game. Too much time off? Too much partying in the Bay Area?…

Photo by Dennis Nugent

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