Dawn on Pixley Slough, evening at El Rancho

Fishing on Pixley Slough

The hot temperatures continued today, but dawn on the Delta along Pixley Slough was as pretty as ever. L thinks the photo of the early morning fisherman has a painterly quietly.

As they count down the days in this part of California, the Adventurers are making sure their favorite spots are being visited. As they always do, they ate in the bar at El Rancho tonight – being lucky enough to get a booth – and were waited on by Mo, a woman of singular cheer.

Moe and D at El Rancho

Wrote the Stockton Record in an article about the long time San Joaquin Valley steak place: “[Owner Ray] Laconeguy’s staff is as loyal as his customers. Two of the employees – Mo and Janice – have been with Laconeguy since he bought the El Rancho in 1987.

“Mo is 58-year-old Maureen Brinkley, a lifelong Manteca resident who has ‘tended bar, waited tables, cleaned toilets, whatever it takes’ and is now the El Rancho’s manager.”

That she still waits tables in the bar (in concert with one of the bartenders) is one thing the Adventurers are grateful for. That the steak is also great – they split a rib eye – makes for a great dining experience…

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