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Heat wave pushes the Adventurers into kayaking in Bay harbor

The heat wave that’s persisted for a couple of days in Menlo Park showed no sign of letting up today, so the Adventurers decided it was a good day to talk Kermy and Old Yeller out for a Bay water … Continue reading

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Strolling up and down the creek on a warm Sunday

The Adventurers and the Mag did one of their frequent walks, going all the way down to El Camino on one side of San Francisquito Creek and coming back on the other side. One stop along the way is a … Continue reading

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Sometimes The Mag choses L to hang out with

L is pleased that increasingly Maggie the dog is becoming increasing “our” dog, although that D reigns supreme is clear. But it warms L’s heart when she choses to hang out with her occasionally when she has a choice. Of … Continue reading

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Trip to Portola Valley farmer’s market yields all local dinner

Thursday afternoons the town of Portola Valley hosts a small farmers market. Many of the vendors are very local and there’s a food truck selling chicken and ribs. It’s an easy place for a one stop shop for a tasty … Continue reading

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Some times you really think: Who da thunk

The main mission today was a post-op visit to UCSF. Not knowing how she’d feel or how much pain there would be, that’s what L though would be all the Adventurers did today. But she felt near enough to normal … Continue reading

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“All in” means being there for surgery day

L had surgery on her eye today to remove a┬ápterygium, a benign growth but annoying in that it impacted her vision. She had the procedure at UCSF, which seems to be the “go to” place for a variety of treatments … Continue reading

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Majestic Poodle goes to city of her dreams

L has been the happy host – aka nanny – for the Majestic Poodle – aka Annabelle aka Annadog – for the past just under three months. Now she and owner Holly are off to Paris. What better city for … Continue reading

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