Whiling away a rainy day in Put-in-Bay

Ohio ice cream round two

The Adventurers had come to this town on the South Bass Island with the idea of kayaking on Lake Erie. They’d heard rain was on the way when they left Hudson yesterday, do weren’t surprised when they awoke to find just that.

carousel horsesThe B&B were they are staying was well-prepared with huge umbrellas, so they set off  for a walking tour, a three mile loop of the north part of the island. While the town may be honky tonk near the dock, it’s filled with many lovely homes and estates further island, with a scattering of farmland and vineyards (which they were surprised to see).

Later they rented one of the B&B’s golf carts for a more extensive tour of the island, ending up back downtown. L, who is a carousel fan, wanted to go for a ride on one that dates back to 1917, but they arrived to find it just being re-assembled for the summer season.

They had to settle for a taste of another Ohio ice cream, this one made by Toft’s, the states oldest diary. L’s salted caramel vanilla was deelish…

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