Perfect weather in Chicago = long walk from Ohio Beach to Wrigley Field along Lake Michigan

walk along Lake Michigan_0613

While a Blues festival in Grant Park beckoned, the Adventurers decided to take advantage of the sunny day — absent of any humidity —and walk north alone thelake shore path with the destination of Wrigley Field. They knew there would be no crowds there as the Cubs were on the road.

At Wrigley Frield_0613The distance turned out to be a big longer than they’d estimated — a bit over seven miles. The cut inland at Roscoe Avenue to find themselves in a charming neighborhood called Boystown that’s adjacent to Wrigleyville.

They’d timed their excursion to get to Wrigley by lunch and sat outside across from the Park listening to stadium organ music, all part of an open house for Cubs season ticket holders.

L had missed the fact that Wrigley was 100 years old this year. A stop at the Cubs store produced matchy matchy t-shirts celebrating that fact…

Top photo by Dennis Nugent

Short walk to breakfast, long walk to Wrigley/easy/8.68 total

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