From ridge top to stream bed, great summer hike in Redwood Regional Park

Redwood Regional Park_Bay Ridge trail1

The Adventurers decided to cross the Bay for their hike today. It did double duty – they could explore another dog friendly trail and stop by L’s grandkids house with the loot they left behind last weekend.

Redwood Regional Park_Stream trailThe park they chose was Redwood Regional. It straddles two counties, Alameda and Contra Costa. For awhile when they were on the Bay Ridge trail, they might have had one foot in each county.

They did the hard part first, ascending from the Canyon Meadow staging area up to the Bay Area Ridge Rail. The “up” had a number of extra steep areas. Once up, though, they were treated to view to the east and the west – and a far number of ups and downs.

The Prince Trail was the route they took down to the Stream Trail, which they followed until it became pavement, which extended to the parking lot.

Their consensus: if you want a little bit of everything, head out to Redwood Regional Park…

Hike/moderate/4.5 miles

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