Hello San Jose Giants, farewell for this year Stockton Ports

L with Pablo at San Jose GiantsIt had been on their bucket list for awhile: Go to a San Jose Giants game, the class A farm team of the bigger team up the road.

Minor league baseball holds a special place in the Adventurers’ hearts.Their second but in many respects first real date was to a Stockton Ports game, which is affiliated with the Oakland As.

The Ports play at a beautiful little ball park in otherwise not quite so beautiful downtown Stockton. Set next to the water, it was a nice outing that they did a number of times while D was still in the Stockton.

So when L saw that the Ports were in town to play San Jose, it seemed like a perfect opportunity. They’d heard many reports about the terrific BBQ at the ballpark, so planned a dinner outing.

They feasted on ribs and sides prepared at Turkey Mikes, a name which has quite a back story. And they saw the Giants come from behind and go ahead (although they didn’t stay until the end of the game). L wore her Stockton Ports t-shirt for good measure…

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