Taking a trip back in time at the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk

D in front of Giant Dipper

Both L and D have vivid memories of teenage years spent at the Santa Cruz boardwalk so they’ve talked about going their together for the first time. Today was the day.

Most schools were back in session, so it was not jam-packed. An East Bay high school was having a picnic as were employees from Apple and Google

Laffing SalTheir agenda walk to the boardwalk from start to finish. They stumbled upon Laughing Sal, which L remembers seeing at Playland at the Beach in San Francisco, which was just down the street from where her aunt and uncle lived.

Their first stop was at the carousel, which may seem a strange ride for adults. But that doesn’t factor into the fact that it has a brass ring. In fact, almost all the riders on the outer horses were adults intent in snatching a brass ring and then managing to throw it through the clown’s face. For the record, D nailed one.

The highlight of the afternoon a  ride on the Giant Dipper, a wooden roller coaster built 85 years ago and still going strong. The ride is jerky but nevertheless still thrilling from the first plunge into the darkness through the climb up the hill and up and down and around.

Before heading out of Santa Cruz, they stopped at Marianne’s ice cream, an institute since 1958. The current crew graciously poised before scooping at what’ undoubtedly the best ice cream in the Bay Area…

servers at Marianne's

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1 Response to Taking a trip back in time at the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk

  1. Leah Reid Cryan says:

    Thank you for bringing back fond memories of our many visits to Santa Cruz Boardwalk on the Fourth of July with all of our aunts, uncles and cousins.. Uncle John ( Linda’s father) would always
    ride in the roller coaster car with the youngest nieces. The Bumper Cars were a favorite. It was
    always a race to see who could get their coal sack first for the thirty second thrill down the
    “Wavy Slide.”

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