Sunday is a day of triple delight thanks to three Canadian Rockies lakes

Moraine Lake from rockpile_091414

Is it possible that one lake can top another time and time and time again? That’s what the Adventurers wondered as they spent time at three pretty Canadian Rockies Lakes today.

Before they left Moriane Lake (pictured top), they went for a pre-breakfast hike up the Rockpile, which is a combination of mystery and scientific explanation located at one end of the Lake. Many photographers were there with tripods to record the light on the lake.

Bow Lake_091414

Next on their journey was a hike at Bow Lake (above), where they could see a waterfall in the distance. At most points along the trail, they figured they were the only people out and about. But when they arrived at the top of the Lake, all of a sudden they were surrounded by dozens of other hikers.


They’d packed a lunch from a deli at Lake Louise village decided a good place to eat would be the Peyto Lake lookout (above). They were not alone. Not a surprise given its stunning beauty.

Hike to Rockpile/moderate/1.5 miles
Bow Lake hike/easy/3.15 miles
Peyto Lake overview hike/moderate/1 miles

Photos by Dennis Nugent

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