Back at home with local adventures involving food and entertainment

D_lunch at Farmers MarketThe Adventurers are back at home, and enjoying home town adventures. Today was a City Day, which they’ve decided to do at least once a quarter (maybe more).

The deal is to take in a Wednesday matinee of one of the musicals in town and then stay for an early dinner.

For the first time, they decided to take BART into the City from the Millbrae station, which took some doing. There was no parking mid-day (not a real surprise) and it took awhile to figure out how to pay for parking in advance and use their senior Clipper cards. It was a number of geezer moments but they felt better seeing they weren’t the only ones struggling with all the machines.

Motown the Musical

Aveline saladOnce in the City, they emerged from BART in the middle of a twice weekly farmers’ market  at the Civic Center. They were not in shopping mode but were in eating mode, which was easily met by numerous food truck style eateries. They chose a Greek place that cooked their wrap on order, a perfect light pre-theater meal.

The main attraction was to see Motown the Musical, which had gotten great reviews for music and dance and poor reviews for story. Indeed, the story was a bit corny, but they agreed if you just “got into it” it was easy to chuckle and let it go. Simply put it was a just under three hours of fun entertainment.

Their final stop was at a recently-opened restaurant on Geary, Aveline. It was a real wow, and they will return…

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