Heading to the coast for long walk and lunch

D and the Mag on the coastWith no fog in sight and temperatures predicted to be in the high 60s, the Adventurers decided it was a good day to pack up the Mag and head over to the Coast for a walk along the bluff and beach, followed by lunch.

Parking off Kelly Drive, the walked south towards the Ritz Carlton, using the bluff top path. They encountered a just dedicated 1/3 mile stretch called the Bird Trail at Wavecreast described as “one of the last undeveloped areas within the boundaries of urbanHalf Moon Bay and the single most important site on the San Mateo Coast for wintering raptors.” And right on cue they saw a number of hawks hunting small rodents, presumably mice and vols.

About a mile north of the hotel, they went down to the beach, where Maggie went into full speed action off leash, running across the sand with an occasional dip into the water. (The surf was pretty rough, so the Adventurers remained watchful.)

A balmy day on the Coast concluded with lunch at the Garden Cafe, their favorite sandwich spot in Half Moon Bay. Life is good…

Walk/easy/4.8 miles

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