More walking and visiting with Al and Al, including a stop at El Palo Alto

El Palo AltoToday the Adventurers set out to meet Al and Al at the El Palo Alto Redwood, which happens to be a stone’s throw from there hotel. This is one big deal tree. Explains the City of Palo Alto:

“The tree is California Historical Landmark #2, is recognized by the National Arborist Association and International Society of Arboriculture for its historical significance as ‘a campsite for the Portola Expedition Party of 1769’; frequented by the Coastanoan/Ohlone Indians; and used as a sighting tree by surveyors plotting out El Camino Real. The Sequoia sempervirens, Coast Redwood is 90-inches in diameter, 110-feet in height (compared to 134.6-feet in 1951) and has a crown spread of 40-feet.”

Oh, and it just happens to be 1073 years old and “is healthier today than 100 years ago.” But to be honest, why it is more special than the surrounding trees or those fond in the nearby coastal range, L is not sure. She guesses it’s “location, location, location.”

From there they walked to Cafe Borrone where they met classmate Barb for breakfast before shopping at the Farmers Market. Another great way to start the day…

Walk/easy/5.5  miles

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