Getting a taste of Apocalypse Now – but in Belize, not Vietnam

D playing bar game

The Adventurers had a long day of travel today, rising at 3:30 am to catch a 6:00 am flight out of SFO bound for Belize City via Houston.

Arriving shortly before 4:00 pm, their were picked up by a driver who was to take them on the next two plus hours of their journey, destination Blancaneaux Lodge set amidst the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve.

Set on a river – as is their cottage – they’d found it when researching “glamping” establishments.” Luckily for L, it’s decidedly on the glamorous side of the scale, although not without quirks that give it a bit of a camp feel.

Getting there requires the last 18 miles on a rutted, potted-holed dirt road. Given that they were in a van, that meant lots of bouncing around.

About the only thing they were ready for upon arrival was a look at the bar, once used on the set of Apocalypse Now – did we mention that Blancaneaux is a Coppolo property – before dragging themselves to dinner and bed.

D found a bar game to amuse himself and stay awake…

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