Day journey to view the Mayan ruins at Caracol

L and on on steps at Caracol

The Adventurers knew today would be a long day. They’d booked a tour through Blancaneaux Lodge to view the Mayan ruins at Caracol, only about 35 miles away, made a longer journey due to the bumpy roads.

Not that they are complaining. The ruins were spectacular. Their guide Geraldo was superb. And the company, newlyweds Brooke and Ross from Tennessee, was excellent.

Weather conditions were also near perfect. Blue skies without excessive humidity.

First glimpse of Caracol

They got their second stair master workout in two days with the 150 feet ascent up via steps to the highest ruin. What comes up, must come down, of course, which in many respects was more challenging.

According to Wikipedia, Caracol covered approximately 200 square kilometers, covering an area much larger than present-day Belize City (the largest metropolitan area in the country) and supported more than twice the modern city’s population. The last recorded date at Caracol is AD 859, which is a date hard to get ones’ head wrapped around.

The day’s walk was just under three miles but with all the climbing it seemed a lot more…

Hike/moderate/2.75 miles

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