Walking along a closer to home ocean – Steamer Lane to Natural Arch Park

D and the Mag view surfers

With the Bay Area scheduled to have unseasonably warm temperatures over the next few days, the Adventurers headed to Santa Cruz, taking the long way there via Page Mill Rd (twisty and very long) and Highway 9 through Boulder Creek and Felton.

Mag in front of surfer monumentThe December rains had turned the hills green, making for pretty vistas. Along the way, they stopped to try to find a swimming hole that D’s family enjoyed when he was in grade school and the Masonic park along the San Lorenzo River where L went to visit the Currie family when she was in high school.

D had decided on their walking destination, a cliffside path that they joined near the Steamer Lane surfing spot and talked to Natural Arch Park. Along the way, they spotted whales, seals and sea otters and the usual assortment of sea boards. D got a chance to reminisce about his surfing days while in high school.

Along the way, they viewed a number of surf monuments. L didn’t get a photo of the most famous one and isn’t sure exactly what the one pictured commemorates…

Walk/easy/6 miles

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