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Forecast rain showers are only in the distance during Baylands walk

The forecast called for rain today, although there seemed no morning threat when the Adventurers and Maggie drove to Baylands this morning to do the six-mile loop. There was, in fact, periods of sunshine mixed with clouds. But they could … Continue reading

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More spring like weather in the midst of winter makes for a nice outing up Sharon Park

Everything seems to be blooming in Menlo Park. Locals who know more about the timing of spring blooms are saying that most are about a month ahead of schedule. And still not much rain in sight. All to say that … Continue reading

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Visting the Oakland Museum with James and Grace

The Adventurers journeyed over to Oakland today to join John and grandkids James and Grace for a visit to the Oakland Museum, which is probably one of the lesser known gems of the Bay Area. The kids were excited to show … Continue reading

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Going sideways on a neighborhood walk counting Prius cars

Knowing that they would be heading over to Oakland today for an afternoon with grandkids Grace and James, the Adventurers chose a quick neighborhood walk this morning. Early on, D decided to count the number of Prius cars along the … Continue reading

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Easy hike turns out to be butt kicker, so what else is new

D announced he wanted to do “something different today”, which prompted him to research some hiking possibilities a little farther afield, although dog friendly so The Mag could come along. He found one at Sierra Azul Open Space, which was … Continue reading

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Last day in the southland features a trip to an old zoo and a Cuban restaurant

Because it was more or less on the way to the airport, the Adventurers decided to take a hike in Griffith Park, the huge urban open space in the middle of Los Angeles. L knew it when son John was … Continue reading

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On Sunday, the attention turns to grand-twins visit

The Adventurers spent a wonderful morning at All Saints Church Pasadena where L was able to catch up with a few of the old gang from the 80s. (There aren’t that many remaining.) And as always, get a jolt of … Continue reading

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