Taking to the water for a paddle in San Francisco Bay

D kayaking in the Bay

While the temperature wasn’t as balmy as yesterday, the Adventurers decided to seize the still warmer than winter day and take the kayaks out on a paddle. They launched at Baylands in Palo Alto at a point across the slough from where they walk frequently.

D kayaking on San Francisquito CreekFrom there they head out to the San Francisco Bay, the first time they’d paddled in that body of water. There was a light chop go out but nothing they – or their trusty kayaks – couldn’t handle.

When the spied the outlet of San Francisquito Creek, they decided to paddle up it, which they did for a mile or so. This took them along the Palo Alto golf course near the airport.

The wildlife spied for the day was a huge turkey vulture that was also cruising the Creek.

The return trip back in the Bay was a bit choppier and took some heavy paddling.

All in all a good outing and perfect pre Super Bowl activity…

Paddle with short walk/moderate/5 miles

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