Pre-rain walk followed by watching UCLA play Stanford at Maples

D and the Mag at Arastradero

With rain expected tomorrow – and possibly through the weekend – the Adventurers decided to head out to Arastradero Open Space with the Mag this morning, getting a hike in before the rain made the trails temporarily muddy.

Maggie gets particularly bouncy with she’s on these trails. Not sure if it’s all the other dog smells or wilder things like coyote and bobcat. But she does love to bound through the grass, smelling every blade.

UCLA vs Stanford

The big event of the day was going over to Maples Pavilion on the Stanford campus to watch the Bruins play the Cardinal. L’s Bruins have been spotty this year, but a recent win against ranked Utah gave her hope that this young team could handle the Cardinal, even thought their road record has not been good.

But after almost blowing a 20-point lead, the Bruins held on to win 69-67. Whew…

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