Winter hike up Windy Hill on a spring like day


The Adventurers have vowed to do the 8-mile Windy Hill hike at the very least quarterly, if not closer to every six weeks or so, in 2015.  With mid-February approaching and temps in the 70s predicted, they decided today was the day to get moving.

Windy_verticalThe ascent up Windy is about 2 1/2 miles, steady climbs interspersed with steep wedges and the occasional flat stretch. There’s another mile or so atop the ridge before starting the descent back down.

Maggie the dog is a trooper – and a dog with a mind like a steel trap, remembering every watering hole and taking advantage of what the last couple of storms delivered.

There was a big wind storm on Sunday night, so there’s was a ton of branches and leaves on the trail, much more than normal.

By the time they got to the creek where Maggie takes multiple dips, they were starting to feel the affects of the longer the usual hike. But with 1 1/2 mile to go, they just needed to put one foot in front of another…

Hike/moderate/8 miles

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