Last day in the southland features a trip to an old zoo and a Cuban restaurant

D in old LA zoo animal enclosure

Because it was more or less on the way to the airport, the Adventurers decided to take a hike in Griffith Park, the huge urban open space in the middle of Los Angeles. L knew it when son John was a child for its zoo and Traveltown, the site of birthday parties. She thinks she also went horseback riding there once, but with who, she has no clue.

What she never did was hike there, which is strange given that she did a far bit of hiking while living in South Pasadena (although much more running). There also appeared to be numerous dog friendly options (those were the days of Maisie and Stamper.)

The Park was jumping on this Presidents’ Day with lots of picnickers. There were also a far number of people on the trails, most quite a bit younger than the Adventurers, probably owing to the steepness. They hiked up to a look out point before descending through why was was the old Griffith Park Zoo, that opened in 1912 and closed in 1966. The cool factor: You could stand in the old animal enclosures.

Their two plus mile outing worked up an appetite and they stumbled on a Cuban restaurant, Mambo’s, by taking surface streets to the airport.

An eclectic Presidents’ day in LA…

Mambos Cuban restaurant

Hike/moderate/2.20 miles

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