Trip north on the coast on a sparkling sunny winter day

D and The Mag at Fort Funston

The Adventurers seized the opportunity to visit a couple of places that are often fog-shrouded about 30 miles north. But winter is the offers the best opportunity and yesterday’s rain storm had further cleared out the air.

L, D and The Mag at Devil's Slide trailThe headed first to Fort Funston in San Francisco, part of the Golden Gate Recreation Area where dogs can roam free off leash. Maggie didn’t know what to make of it when they ascended the stairs up to a play area with at least a dozen dogs of every size happily frolicking. That was just the first of at least 100 dogs they encountered, all of them behaving. Most, they guess, were used to be treated to such a splendid playground.

They could see the Marin headlands as well as the Farallon Islands quite clearly. They looked for whales but think they were a bit late in the season and will need to wait for their return.

They they headed south on the Highway 1 to a new San Mateo County park made from the road around Devil’s Slide, the site of frequent landslides, accidents and closures. When The Tom Lanos Tunnels open3ed in 2013, the original road was covered to a multi-use trail. It’s a stretch that runs 1.3 miles and they walked from north to south, which meant a 9% grade down on their way out and the reverse on the way back. They’d packed a lunch and ate on one of the park benches provided.

There couldn’t be a much nicer way to spend a Sunday in winter…

Two separate walk/hikes/easy/5 miles

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