Sunday outing to Del Valle Regional Park – and Concannon Vineyard

Mag and D at Del Valle

D woke up thinking about a Sunday drive and that led them and The Mag to head to the outer reaches of Alameda County for a hike at Del Valle Regional Park, which features a manmade reservoir and lots of recreational opportunities. Given its location, it’s a place best visited in the winter and spring, as it gets very hot.

While there appeared to be lots of families picnicking, few were out on the trails. Their hike was a bit of a butt kicker with lots of ups and downs. A steady breeze kept it pleasant and lots of green and wildflowers made it pretty.

L at Concannon Winery

They’d only brought Cliff Bars , so by the time they were down with their just under five mile trek, they were peckish. But on the way into the Park, they’d passed Concannon Vineyards, and given its extensive grounds, they guess there was food available.

They were right, in addition to a nice bistro, they offered “to do” services, which allowed them to eat on the big lawn, along with The Mag. Big bonus: the food was really good.

L knew Charlie Concannon in high school, so there had to be a photo by the historic plaque…

Hike/moderate/4.5 miles

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