Taking a look at an off limits park on a lovely spring like day

Maggie at Foothill Park

L has hiked in most of the surrounding parks within 10 or so miles of Menlo Park dozens of times, mostly accompanied by a trusty canine. But one park, Foothill, she’d glimpsed once just years ago on a cold and stormy winter day.

wildflowers at Foothill ParkThat’s because the park is only open to Palo Alto residents. But thanks to a gracious host today, the Adventurers got to hike its trails. They agreed that the Los Trancos Trail was one of the prettiest they’d ever been on, especially at this time of the year, what with the wildflowers.

There was a good deal of climbing from their entry point, and they managed to complete a six mile loop. The park is bounded by Portola Valley, Los Altos Hills, Pearson-Arastradero Preserve and Los Trancos Open Space Preserve,  and features rugged chaparral, woodlands, fields, streams, and a lake (that they didn’t get to) spectacular views of the Bay Area can be glimpsed from its trails – all from a differing perspective than they’d seen before. Wildflowers were abundant.

They agreed they couldn’t have picked a better day to sample this off limits slice of paradise…

Hike/moderate/6 miles

Photo of Maggie the dog by Dennis Nugent

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