Celebrating a warm spring day with a hike and afternoon spent with Grace and James

Mag and D on poppy field

The summer weather that began in winter continues into spring. Peninsula residents agree that it would be fine if it didn’t portend temps in the 90s when summer comes. For that kind of torture, L couldn’t have stayed in LA.

Bugs and Grace and MaggieAll that aside, the Adventurers headed to the East Bay today first to hike at Sibley Open Space and then head down the hill to spend some time with Grace and James while their parents took care of errands and other business.

The landscape at Sibley could not have been prettier given the tall green grace and poppy-filled hills. And Grace and James could not have been more cooperative. Lots of time was spent outside with an hour of quiet time inside that ended up to be a cuddle feast for The Mag

Thank goodness she is cuddle prone….

James and Maggie and D

Hike/easy/3.6 miles

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