Looking for waves but finding bluff trail along the coast

D and the Mag head toward Mavericks1

The Adventurers set out this morning thinking they’d go check out the waves at Mavericks. So they headed coast side and decided to park at Pillar Point Harbor to get in some extra distance.

D and the Mag on the bluffGetting out of the car, they were hit with horrendous wind, which shouldn’t have surprised them as it’s been windy in Menlo Park the last few days. Fearing they weren’t dressed quite warmly enough, they set out to test the winds so to speak, walking toward and then through the town of Princeton-by-the-Sea.

D had found a maze of trails that start near the parking lot near Mavericks and they headed up the bluff where, for whatever reason, winds were minimal. Skies were crystal clear so there were great views of both the ocean and the hills. The continued along the bluff top until they were just shy of the town of Moss Landing. On the way back, they chose a slightly different set of trails. Maggie loved it all, particular the off leash part.

It was yet another glorious spring outing…

Hike/easy/5.25 miles

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