Easter arrives amidst showers that don’t dampen the egg hunting

post Easter hunt eggShowers were predicated for today, and indeed showers came. They were the kind of showers that vex event planners. Move everyone inside and the sun comes out. Believe the weather will hold and the skies open up.

The Adventurers were joined at Trinity Church this morning by the Oakland foursome – John, Julie, Grace and James. The Easter service is not known for its brevity. Many masters are being served, ranging from kids who are looking forward to an egg hunt to adults yearning to hear how the power of the resurrection can become part of their lives.

All to say, it’s not surprising to have squirming but very good kids. Service over, Grace and James waited for the call of the bugle, which meant it was time to egg hunt based on ages. James cleaned up on the preschool lawn while Grace faced more competition amidst the plants and bushes. The rain feel lightly.

Easter gardening

Then it was back to the Adventurers house for another egg hunt with more sprinkles. D oversaw some garden planting before it was off to the school playground to let off steam.

And dodge more raindrops…

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