Enjoying spring in the Normandy countryside

walk in countryside

One thing the Adventurers did not expect was to be warm in Normandy. They’d been reading about temps in the low 60s, not high 70s. But they really can’t complain about the sunny skies, the perfect backdrop to the flowering trees and wildflowers.

shadowy on riverToday they went for their first walk in the countryside, managing to get lost, which added a couple of miles to their hike. Again, with the surroundings so pretty, it’s hard to complain.

Tired and hungry but realizing it was after lunch hours, they headed to the “big” regional town of Nogent-le-Rotrou, hoping to have something opened. D’s roots are Norman (not Celtic), and there are a number of Nogent towns in the area. Alas, all the restaurants were closed.

So it was back to Remalard where they picked up a quiche and jambon sandwich from the local butcher.

To underscore the weather, the sat outside to past 8:30 pm…

Walk around Remalard/easy/1 miles

Hike from Moutiers du Perche/moderate/6.8 miles

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