Walking the D-Day landing beaches, a day to remember

restaurant near invasion area

It’s fairly impossible to be part of the early Baby Boom generation and not to be imprinted by ones parents participation in or impact from World War II. Hence, it follows that walking the D-Day beaches and visiting the American Cemetery as well as the Ranger landing site at Pointe du Hoc in undeniably moving.

American cemetary_0417That the weather turned weepy (meaning the first rain they’d had to endure) seemed to fit the setting. Who wouldn’t shed tears at the sacrifice of those who first landed to defeat the Nazis and liberate France?

They took a long walk along the beach, having lunch at restaurant very close to one of the land spots. Heading inland, they walked up a hill where they found a monument to what had been a quickly built landing strip, thanks to the Army Corps of Engineers.  They then walked through forested land, ending at the bluff top American Cemetery.

The mile loop at Pointe du Hoc was equally moving, and they were glad they took the tie to read the stories of the men whose bravery proved the turning point of the war.

Yes, another good day, this one proving a lot to think about as well…

D-Day beach walk /easy/5.8 miles

Pointe du Hoc walk/easy/1 miles

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