Hot day on the last day of April drives Adventurers to the water

L on water between San Mateo and Foster City1

D at Nini'sLooking at the forecast for today in Menlo Park – a high of 88 degrees – the Adventurers could come to only one conclusion. It was time to get Kermy and Old Yeller down from their garage storage space and put them in the water.

The launched from Parkside Aquatic Park in San Mateo and meandered along the wide channel until the Belmont hills came into view. The currents were minimal and the only choppiness was caused by a lone power boat and water skier. Conditions made for a easy 4.5 miles round trip.

As is their custom, they like to undo whatever good they’d gained from the work out, so the headed to Nini’s, the diamond in the rough breakfast/lunch spot that has a very pleasant patio.

The agreed the paddling in the Bay Area is not what as glorious and wild as the the Delta and Mokelumne River. But luckily, there are good dive bar equivalents…

Paddle/easy/4.5 miles

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