Going minor league on Mother’s Day

Rick and K at Ports:Giants gameAn empty dance card this Sunday allowed the Adventurers to wing it this Mother’s Day in May. They thought about heading up to the Yard to see the SF Giants take on the Mariners but decided to reserve their big league cash for when the Dodgers get to town later this month.

So they headed south inside to watch the Class A San Jose Giants take on the Stockton Ports, managed by their friend Rick Magnante, who had played at Municipal Stadium in 1969 when he was a third baseman for the Reno Silver Sox. The Ports came out on top, 5-2.

The fun of minor league ball is that you can actually visit with the manager right before the game. All L had to do was go to the locker room door and ask to speak with “coach.”

Of course, the two old coaches had to pose for a photo…

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One Response to Going minor league on Mother’s Day

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Nice photo– and Linda, you sound just like a sportscaster!

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