Visit to a “new zoo” is highlight of day two with James

James eating fog at CuriOdysey

D and James working on gearsJames woke up a little after 7:00 this morning, and it was like having two kids in the house, given that Maggie was acting decidedly childlike. After breakfast, L and James took her for a walk around the block, with James doing more of the leash holding. “Clap and she’ll go!” he kept saying.

D managed to get the backyard to normal, and they they got in the car with destination CuriOdyssey, which is combination of small zoo showcasing local critters combined with a interactive science exhibits tailored for small fry. (James is showing try to eat fog.)

James was enthusiastic throughout – “this is an awesome new zoo,” he kept saying. We should note that D got into the swing of things, too…

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